New online course "Introduction to AI" on KI-Campus

Key Topic Article

Discovering the possibilities of AI: New online course "Introducing AI" on the KI-Campus

In cooperation with KI-Campus, the online learning platform for artificial intelligence, appliedAI has designed the free online course 'Introduction to AI'. What exactly is artificial intelligence? What is it used for and how is it already being used? What risks arise with the use of AI? Learn more about these questions in the different modules of the free online course "Introduction to AI"!

Within this article of the 'UnternehmerTUM Key Topic Series' you will get insights into the course and its different modules and find out more about what you can expect when participating in the entry-level course 'Introduction to AI' in our trailer video!


Then register for the entry-level course now! The course is currently available in German and will be offered in English later. Participation is free of charge.