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SME Partnership

Not sure where to start with the countless applications of AI? In our SME partnership, you'll receive support from our AI experts and access to proven best practices from other companies.

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The AI Partnership for SMEs

The SME Partnership Program is tailored specifically to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (with fewer than 2,500 employees or less than 0.5 billion euros in annual revenue). It offers practical resources to help companies create value with AI. Is your company looking to adopt AI or considering it as a core competency for the future, with initial AI ambitions? Then the SME partnership is the right support for your company!

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Creating Value with AI in Practice is Challenging - We Help You with That

Artificial intelligence will transform all industries and be essential for the competitiveness of all businesses. How can SMEs efficiently leverage the potential of AI? You may have gained initial experience with AI through ChatGPT, but how do you translate that into your business routine? The SME Partnership Program addresses these and other questions.

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Achieve Sustainable Value Creation with AI

Overcoming Challenges and Creating Value with the SME Partnership

In the long run, AI can give your company a decisive competitive advantage, but SMEs face numerous challenges when seeking to use AI productively:

  1. Setting priorities: Misplaced expectations about the capabilities of AI and the multitude of topics make it difficult to focus on the right areas.
  2. Finding best practices: Lack of internal expertise and experience hinder the scaling of AI initiatives and the selection of optimal use cases.
  3. Mastering dynamic technology: Staying up to date and continuing to educate the company is a balancing act.
  4. Recognizing AI benefits: Understanding potential and relevant use cases, as well as identifying the right partners and opportunities for exchange and collaboration in rapidly evolving AI ecosystems.
  5. Staying realistic: Objectivity and orientation are difficult amid all the marketing and hype around.

Our partnership supports you on your journey to implementing AI and provides practical guidance and solutions for the challenges AI presents.

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Maximize Your AI Potential with the SME Partnership: Cost-effective, Flexible, Professional

The SME Partnership Program offers a cost-effective and flexible way for SMEs to progress faster with AI. Building on the initial assessment of your company's AI maturity, we provide tailored support to increase it and offer expert advice, comprehensive information opportunities, and exchange with other companies, embedded in a holistic concept that systematically advances companies. The partnership is a must-have for SMEs to leverage the potential of AI in their businesses - and all this without risks and major investment, with monthly termination option.

Our AI experts support you on your journey to efficiently applying AI by providing the necessary expertise and helping you harness the full potential of AI in your company. You gain access to our ecosystem and can engage with experts, your peers, and other companies on best practices. With over six years of experience and the unique combination of our ecosystem, labs, and professional services, we support you in using AI as your competitive advantage.

Overview of SME Partnership Services

You gain the necessary knowledge and strategies to practically and effectively integrate AI into your company.

  1. Open SME Expert Consultations (monthly): We offer monthly expert consultations that provide you with the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts on focus topics. Whether you're seeking strategic advice or practical tips, these sessions provide a platform for support and knowledge exchange to drive your AI initiatives forward.
  2. Access to the Knowledge Platform (Knowledge Database): Access AI resources, best practices, and much more. It enables our partners to connect and interact with the appliedAI ecosystem.
  3. Conferences: Learn how to address your challenges in specific areas, familiarize yourself with the latest technologies and developments, exchange ideas with like-minded individuals about similar projects, and expand your network.
  4. Workshops and Training: Further educate your executives and organization on relevant topics (Introduction to AI, AI Strategy, Use Cases, AI Act, etc.).
  5. Technology Sessions and Learn@Lunch: Learn how to overcome challenges through expert perspectives, AI updates, and startup presentations from internal and external experts.
  6. Newsletter: Updates from the appliedAI ecosystem about our activities, local and global trends, specific domain updates, and publications.

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