Individual AI Solutions

You want to use AI in your company to improve processes or introduce AI-based products and services? Our AI experts support you in the development and implementation of the latest AI applications.

Creating value with AI applications that work

Remaining competitive in the long term thanks to AI

In selected processes and products, it is essential for companies to develop their own AI applications and build the necessary expertise. appliedAI is a trusted partner with extensive expertise in innovative business models, development of AI products, and professional use in corporate processes.

When it comes to developing AI solutions, we have a principle. We do not develop anything that already exists or that someone else can develop better than we can. appliedAI works at the forefront for your company so that your AI solutions become unique.

AI technology in implementation

Get to know our AI focus areas

At appliedAI, we focus on 5 different technological AI focus areas. Here you will find an overview of each focus area and the application cases we can implement with our expert team for you, together with your experts.

The development plan that you can expect

1 Exploration

  • Our team reviews and evaluates the available data.
  • Depending on the quality of the provided data, the team makes a go-or-no-go decision.

2 prototype development

  • This phase only begins if the team gives the green light based on the data.
  • Our engineers develop an initial functional version of the final product.

3 Implementation

Our team integrates and tests the functioning of the prototype into your business processes and solves any possible problems.

4 Operations

Our team focuses on providing support for maintenance and resolving issues in the daily use of the application.

AI development in Europe

Trustworthiness as the center of the AI development process

The European Commission promotes trustworthy AI as the unique selling proposition of European AI. appliedAI is leading the way in putting trustworthiness at the forefront of AI development processes:

  • Working with 20+ partners of appliedAI on professionalization frameworks for scaling AI in large organizations
  • Scaling stable model-based RL methods with Linde to reliably deploy learning systems in continuous processes
  • Assisting the European Central Bank in the application of AI solutions
  • Developing a robust computer vision-based solution with TFE Energy GmbH (VIDA project)
  • Being a sparring partner with German ministries on AI interpretability
  • Participating in OECD, GPAI, IEEE, ETAMI, and other initiatives around trustworthy AI.

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