We are a team of diverse international experts who are united by our passion for AI and a common goal.

Our team

The core of appliedAI

People are at the heart of excellence. At our company, we recognize this fundamental truth and make it our priority to invest in and develop our team members. We are committed to a culture of learning and growth, where every team member is encouraged and supported to continuously enhance their skills and knowledge. We challenge ourselves to constantly improve and seek out advice from the best in our field. We hire exceptional talent and work hard to retain them as valuable members of our team.

This is how we work

Our Values & Principles

Learner's Mindset

We practice what we preach.

We do what we recommend to others and follow our own advice. Reflect on what works and adjust.

We are curious and practical.

We are brave to explore, but keep practicality in mind. Innovation happens where visions, ideas and research translate into real- world applications.

Collaborative Community

We create and maintain an enjoyable workplace.

We create a safe space, in which everyone can be their authentic self. We invest in people and care for each other. We celebrate the benefits and the strength of having a diverse and inclusive team. Thus, we create a positive team culture.

We embrace challenges, encourage individual ownership and shared responsibility.

We welcome challenges, open discussion and disagreement. Once a decision is made, we fully commit. Failures are never yours alone to carry. Success is always a shared accomplishment.


We build trustworthy relationships in our ecosystem.

We build trustworthy relationships with our customers and partners and tackle challenges as if they were our own. We are conscious about our capabilities and resources and build on them to be a reliable partner.

We start with the “why”, then maximize impact.

We create a precise and shared understanding of the customer's needs and challenges. We maximize impact by leveraging our expertise to offer the best solution and enable partners to advance in their AI journey.


We build shared wisdom for AI.

We build wisdom collectively in the appliedAI ecosystem and actively share it with Europe and the world.

We take responsibility in AI and beyond.

As an organization we embrace our ethical responsibility in AI and beyond. We proactively shape our operations to have a positive impact in a diverse, inclusive and equitable society and a healthy planet.

The minds behind applied AI

Our team

Dr. Andreas Liebl
Managing Director & Founder
Dr. Donald Leonhard-MacDonald
Director of Technology
Dr. Philipp Hartmann
Director of AI Strategy
Alexander Goethel
Director of Partner Success
Diana Stracke
Director of People & Operations
Rade Milinkovic
Director of Finance
Johannes Keller
Director of Individual Solutions
Andrea Hickethier
Head of Business Development, Sales & Marketing
John Thomson
Head of AI Academy
Dr. Miguel de Benito
Head of TransferLab
Samantha Warren
Head of Marketing and Communications
Nicolas Blum
Head of RLC
Maria Schamberger
Head of AI Acceleration
Dr. Till Klein
Head of Trustworthy AI
Jan Willem Kleinrouweler
Head of MLOps
Adrian Rumpold
Head of MLOps Engineering
Dr. Pavel Sagulenko
Head of IT
Dr. Mustafa Gaja
Head of RL
Bernhard Pflugfelder
Head of AI Use Cases & Applications
Desiree Modic
Head of AI Strategy & Transformation
Britta Tilsner
Head of Ecosystem Management
Alexander Machado
Head of MLOps Processes
Jannik Seger
Head of AI Operating Model
Dr. Johanna Farnhammer
Head of KIT+
Arno Fuhrmann
Head of AI Engineering Team
Hicham Samma
Talent Attraction Specialist

Our team is very open, helpful and impact-oriented. We see ourselves as a team where each individual's contribution is essential to our overall success.

Juliane Haspel, Senior People & Culture Specialist
Juliane Haspel, Senior People & Culture Specialist