The tool for next-level management of your data and AI use case portfolio

Discover the appliedAI Use Case Management, a product forged from the best practices of appliedAI in use case planning and portfolio management. With a central cockpit that oversees all your Data and AI Use Cases, we streamline your path from idea to implementation. Our data-driven and systematic approach advances your organization to reach a higher level of AI maturity by improved transparency, optimized decision-making, and the unlocking of synergies across your company.

Transparent use case portfolio for optimized decision-making

Our Use Case Management simplifies the process of steering, monitoring, and analyzing the progress of your data and AI use cases, all from a centralized knowledge base. Our solution promotes transparency and facilitates the harnessing of synergies throughout the organization's data and AI use case portfolios.

Data-driven use case planning from idea to use case

Our Use Case Management empowers you to methodically describe, assess and prioritize your use cases, employing a data-driven approach that factors in both technical feasibility and business value. This systematic process enables you to identify and select use cases with the highest potential return on investment (ROI).

Easing Governance for the upcoming EU AI Act

No need to read the complex legal text of the EU AI Act. Our framework enables anyone on your team, from product managers to ML engineers, to assess the risk of your AI case and highlight potential implications of the upcoming regulation.

Inspire employee innovation through transparency

All employees in your company, even non-AI or IT employees, can share their valuable data and AI ideas when inspired by their coworkers. Our Use Case Management assists in describing data and AI ideas in a data-driven and systematic approach and initiating projects to address them.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing IT systems

Our Use Case Management is designed cloud-native to ensure a smooth merger with your existing IT infrastructure. Through an API, it integrates with your IT systems, including Data Catalogs, facilitating the seamless flow of data for comprehensive use case management.

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