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5 years appliedAI

From the first German Initiative for the application of AI to becoming a European Leader in AI. 2022 was our fifth anniversary.

Looking back: 5 years of appliedAI with Dr. Andreas Liebl, CEO and founder

appliedAI is committed to strengthening Europe's position in the field of AI

Since its foundation in 2017, appliedAI has continuously evolved. Since July 2022, appliedAI exists as a joint venture between UnternehmerTUM and IPAI - Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence. The legal separation from UnternehmerTUM resulted in the creation of two distinct entities: the non-profit appliedAI Institute for Europe gGmbH and the appliedAI Initiative GmbH. appliedAI continues to pursue the goal of establishing sustainable and responsible use of AI and creating value for companies and society. Read more about our goals and values.

On the occasion of our fifth anniversary in 2022, we have provided a range of resources to share our knowledge and support industry and society in further developing AI.

This page provides insights into our free offerings.

Free tools and information for anyone who wants to learn more about AI

appliedAI has set itself the goal of shaping European innovations in the field of artificial intelligence and thus securing the technological sovereignty of Germany and Europe. appliedAI supports companies on their path to AI maturity, up to professional use of AI or even becoming an AI-first company. We serve as a competent sparring partner for existing AI teams, as an active accelerator for building AI teams, or as a solution developer for your most important AI core projects.

Below you will find more information and insights into our free offerings in the areas of knowledge, training, and tools.


Discover a selection of the latest research papers by our AI specialists and partners on a variety of AI-related topics relevant to business, structure, and technology.


We help individuals and businesses build AI competence by providing comprehensive public education offerings such as online courses for SMEs, general AI training for the public, and certified programs.

  • Academic

    KI-Campus: "Introduction to AI" - Online Course for You as Individuals (now part of the new appliedAI Institute for Europe gGmbH)

  • Tools

    Elements of AI - Online course for basic intro to AI tech  (new: part of the new appliedAI Institute for Europe gGmbH)

  • Level 1

    Foundations of AI - Online Course for You as Professionals (new: part of the new appliedAI Institute for Europe gGmbH)

  • Level 4

    AI Competence for Your SME - An AI Application Course for SMEs 

  • People

    Responsible & Ethical Use of AI - Microlearning Online Course (new: Part of the new appliedAI Institute for Europe gGmbH)


We value collaboration and open exchange of knowledge

Learn more about AI with our free content and tools. Explore our AI startup map and discover practical use cases for businesses.

AI Startup Map: This annual map showcases the most promising German AI startups, sorted by industry, technology type, enterprise intelligence, and enterprise function. (now part of the new appliedAI Institute for Europe gGmbH)

AI Use Case Library: This library sheds light on the use of AI in businesses by providing an interactive overview of the most common AI use cases, their implementation, and benefits. (now part of the new appliedAI Institute for Europe gGmbH)