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Our Companion Partnership Program supports both larger companies and SMEs in increasing their AI maturity to realize value from AI faster and more efficiently.

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Overcoming Challenges & Creating Value with the Companion Partnership

Companies face numerous challenges when aiming for higher AI maturity to create sustainable value for their businesses.

  1. Setting Priorities and Providing Structure: Many topics need to be addressed simultaneously. A systematic approach is necessary to continuously improve AI maturity.
  2. Constantly New Topics, Constantly New Solutions: With the continuous development of AI, a multitude of people and departments need to stay up to date. The organization often lacks expertise or internal resources to develop effective best practices for successful AI scaling.
  3. Exploring New Territory in Scaling: Lack of internal experience due to the novelty of topics in all areas of the organization hinders the scaling of AI initiatives and the selection of optimal use cases.
  4. Misunderstanding AI: Misplaced expectations about the capabilities of AI as well as the implementation effort, potential value, and key success factors further complicate efforts.
  5. Trust Issue: With countless providers of AI solutions and consulting firms offering advice, selecting the most suitable one becomes a challenge, as many prioritize selling their products over genuine long-term empowerment.

The Companion Partnership fully supports you with personal guidance and the globally recognized and proven maturity logic on your AI journey, offering practical guidance and solutions for the challenges AI presents.

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The Companion Partnership: Comprehensive AI Transformation Support with Individual Guidance

The Companion Partnership Program is suitable for you if your company has taken initial steps with AI, views AI as a future core competency, and has developed initial AI ambitions. Whether you are a large enterprise or an SME seeking services beyond the SME Partnership Program, our six years of experience in AI application in leading global organizations combined with our ecosystem, labs, and professional services support you in leveraging AI as a competitive advantage. Discover what our long-term partners have to say about their collaboration with us.

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The Companion Partnership: Comprehensive and Personal

Our Services for Your Success: What You Can Expect from the Companion Partnership

The partnership is based on three pillars:

  1. We are your companion and trusted ally: You have a personal sparring partner as well as a trusted network of like-minded individuals, experts as contacts for your AI team and decision-makers.
  2. We are your AI experts: We offer formats for your experts for knowledge exchange and access to Europe's largest ecosystem with peers.
  3. We act as a multiplier for your AI activities: Benefit from regular training, workshops, and expert sessions to educate your organization as well as events addressing different areas of the company. Additionally, leverage the expertise of our AI experts at your internal events.

As a partner, you gain access to a wealth of resources. These include best practices developed by our experts to provide you with the knowledge and strategies you need to effectively implement AI in your company.

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Accelerate Your AI Journey with the Support of Our AI Experts

Every company has different needs, so we focus on strategic AI planning. Our approach begins with understanding your needs and challenges by conducting an AI maturity assessment to understand the current status of AI maturity in your organization. Subsequently, we collaborate with you in a workshop to create an AI roadmap for the next 12 months, laying the foundation for your initiatives and ensuring clear progress. To enhance your competitive advantage and business growth, we offer personalized 1:1 support through regular sparring sessions. Additionally, we provide expert assistance, including knowledge events, to address your challenges.

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Gaining Competitive Advantages through Collaboration and Continuous Learning

Knowledge exchange and collaboration in the form of interactive opportunities such as roundtables and working groups are at the heart of our partnership. Roundtables facilitate tailored discussions and the exchange of best practices, while working groups focus on specific topics and promote collaboration in industrial AI. Our experts and partners come together to create new knowledge, new solutions, and shared resources. Our knowledge platform fosters community engagement, co-creation, and the exchange of the latest AI developments within the appliedAI ecosystem.

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Our Ecosystem is Your Trusted Partner on the AI Journey

The appliedAI ecosystem is a trusted network that supports you on your AI journey with expertise, valuable insights, and collaboration opportunities. It is the largest of its kind in Europe, offering support whether you are seeking a cooperation agreement or a development partnership. Here, global AI initiatives, research pioneers, technology experts, institutional partners, and emerging startups come together to exchange best practices and common pitfalls and develop new knowledge and solutions. With our locations in Munich and Heilbronn, we are building two of the strongest AI ecosystems in Europe for the application of trusted AI in industry to remain competitive in the AI era.

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Best Practices and Resources for Advancing Your Organization

As part of the Companion Partnership, you gain access to relevant information across all areas — from AI strategy to European AI regulations to technology.

  1. Conferences: Learn how to address your challenges in specific areas, familiarize yourself with the latest technologies and developments, exchange ideas with peers on similar projects, and expand your network.

  2. Delegation visits: Learn more about international AI developments and build global relationships.

  3. Workshops & Training: Further educate your organization on AI-related topics—from basic training in various areas to advanced expert training.

  4. Technology sessions & Learn@Lunch: Learn how to tackle challenges through expert perspectives, AI updates, and startup presentations from internal and external experts.

  5. Newsletter: Updates from the appliedAI ecosystem about our activities, local and global trends, specific domain updates, and publications.

Our Partner Network

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