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Acceleration Program

With AI, we help you add value to products and processes in your company.

About the Acceleration Program

A programmatic and holistic approach is required to deploy AI effectively in the company and not get stuck in showcases. appliedAI has developed a solid methodology to support you in advancing your AI maturity and implementing AI-based products and processes that generate value.

The Acceleration Program is an exclusive program that we carry out with selected companies. It is important to us that there is a clear commitment to the professional use of AI and that our support contributes to our company's purpose of positively changing the world.

Concisely explained - an overview of the program

From AI strategy to implementation with the right competencies

Holistic AI strategy

At appliedAI, we have developed our own comprehensive transformation plan, the AI Strategy House. Together with you, we consistently implement this approach. It also serves as a structure for your acceleration program.

Development on the AI journey

After a thorough analysis of the existing situation, we embark on your AI journey together. Aligned with your specific needs, we offer customized implementation modules in the areas of strategy, use case portfolio, competence & culture, MLOps, and infrastructure.

Successes through specific AI applications

We not only support you in building your internal AI competencies, but also develop AI solutions for your organization together with you. This creates value from the beginning and the structures to be built are tested and anchored directly in the applications.

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An acceleration program provides the following results for you:

  • A clearly defined strategic positioning of all AI activities - aligned with your company's strategy
  • Identification and prioritization of a comprehensive portfolio of relevant AI use cases
  • Concrete implementation of use cases
  • AI expertise established comprehensively and across various roles in the organization
  • Decision-making support and guidelines for the right AI infrastructure, development processes, and operation model
  • Identification and involvement of key stakeholders and interest groups as a prerequisite for successful implementation

The individual modules of the Acceleration Program

Ambition and strategic positioning expand_more

In this module, we answer the most important questions that are relevant for companies in the age of AI: What will be part of our value creation in the future? In which areas of our company, in which processes or products do we need to integrate AI in the future? How much are we already using AI as a company and how should we use it in the future? The result is a clear picture of the company in the AI age, the necessary commitment and the roadmap to get there systematically.

For implementation, you benefit from both our experience and the use of the tools of the appliedAI strategy team.

Evaluation and definition of use cases expand_more

The goal of AI is always to bring use cases into application and thus achieve added value. 70-80% of the possible uses of AI are relatively easy to implement. However, in which areas the use of AI can generate a competitive advantage varies greatly from company to company.

In this module, a portfolio perspective for AI applications is developed, which allows for the identification of strategic partners and one's own competency requirements. Applications that are to be developed within the company can be implemented together with experienced AI engineers from appliedAI. For other use cases, new partners are identified and involved.

The module is based on the Use Case Library, the Startup Landscape, and the AI tools we have developed.

Organizational structure and governance expand_more

AI must be structurally anchored in the company. For this purpose, an AI core team is first established and its tasks as well as its interaction with the specialist departments are defined and implemented.

Depending on the company structure, the AI team is tasked with a broad range of activities. Governance processes are established accordingly to comply with existing and future regulations and for budgetary decisions, consideration of ethical aspects, and development-related decisions.

Competence building and culture expand_more

The company can only successfully implement AI if AI competence is built from the board to the departments. Additionally, it is essential that employees accept the peculiarities of learning systems.

The appliedAI Learning Journeys and expert trainings impart the most important skills for managers and AI experts. Furthermore, talent acquisition and – equally important – talent retention is supported.

AI infrastructure, operations and development processes expand_more

To use AI professionally and at scale, technical foundations need to be established within the company. This includes both infrastructure and processes, from identifying use cases to deploying AI applications.

The upcoming AI regulation from the European Commission increases the urgency for companies to develop a consistent AI strategy. The result is a technical infrastructure and process landscape to reliably and professionally apply AI. This can be achieved on both traditional cloud infrastructures and specific on-premise infrastructures.


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