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Strategy & Transformation

AI only creates value at a high level of maturity, but most companies are just starting their journey.

Trust in our structured standard

We are the strategic partner for the AI journey of your company

AI is a transformative technology that affects all companies regardless of their industry and size - entire industries are already completely disrupted by AI today. Many companies have already started investing in data and AI initiatives. However, only a few see tangible benefits and AI approaches remain stuck.

Often, AI activities are not aligned with the overall strategy of the company and there is a lack of clear understanding of the value that AI brings. There is also often a lack of knowledge about the basics needed for implementation and the order in which challenges should be addressed.

Our approach: The AI Journey

In order to achieve value creation through Artificial Intelligence, your company must embark on a journey towards higher AI maturity. This will enable your company to gain a competitive advantage through the use of AI.

appliedAI systematically supports you in the AI transformation of your company: from developing a concrete transformation plan - the AI journey - to deriving a target image and providing support in organizational design. We rely on our well-proven approaches, which have helped companies such as EnBW and MTU in their AI transformation.

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Our offers

Development of the AI Journey

We assess the current level of AI maturity within your company (across 9 dimensions of maturity based on the AI Strategy House), identify areas for improvement, and jointly establish priorities for initiatives to improve the maturity level.

  • Joint preparation and implementation of the appliedAI Maturity Assessment
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Derivation of concrete steps to increase AI maturity within the company
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Development of AI Ambition

We help you develop an AI strategy aligned with the overall strategy of your company to guide your AI activities.

  • Setting the stage for AI. Defining strategic priorities for using AI
  • Company-wide alignment of AI activities (across business units)
  • Visible commitment to AI from top leadership
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Development of the operating model

We assist in creating an effective framework for implementing and expanding AI.

  • Centralized versus decentralized roles and responsibilities
  • Governance structures during the entire ML lifecycle and financing options (such as budget allocation)
  • Allocation of current and potentially new resources (including sharing concepts)
  • Required role profiles
  • Training and development consultation