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Empower every role in your company with customized AI learning paths for the AI era.

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Closing the AI Skills Gap

An IBM study from 2023 states that "87% of leaders expect at least 25% of their workforce will be required to reskill in response to generative AI and automation, with 45% predicting that at least half of their workforce will need to reskill." Despite this awareness, many decision-makers found themselves entering the AI age without a clear roadmap for upskilling their workforce. That's why we have created Learner Paths as your solution for AI development and upskilling. We help equip your employees with the required AI skills and bridge the gap, so that your company can flourish in the AI era.

Why Learner Paths?

In today's competitive market, readiness means not just adopting AI technology but embedding AI skills deep into the structure of your organization. We help you navigate the latest AI developments and equip your entire workforce with the right skills to stay ahead, strategically aligning them with existing roles. Learner Paths gives you access to curated learning resources tailored to meet requirements for the different employees. Learner Paths offers a one-stop solution for all your AI upskilling needs. It combines appliedAI trainings, curated learning resources from across the market, and your company-specific educational material.

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Learner Paths at a glance

Our scalable solutions adapt to individual needs, ensuring effective upskilling for your team.

  • Personalized Learning Paths: Tailored to your individual needs and knowledge levels for relevant and effective learning.

  • High-Quality Content: Created or curated by our AI experts, ensuring industry-relevant further education.

  • Central Access Point: A single gateway to quality AI learning resources, eliminating the need for multiple contracts and simplifying the upskilling journey

  • Diverse Learning Formats: Including videos, interactive courses, and case studies to enrich the learning experience.

  • Customizable: Companies can include their own material for added value.

  • Self-evaluation: Facilitating time-efficient learning.

  • Certification: Upon completion of learning paths.

  • Regular Updates and Feedback: To stay up-to-date with the evolving AI field.

Overview of our Learner Paths

EU AI Act trainings

In the fast-paced world of AI, staying ahead of the curve is essential, but compliance with regulations adds an extra layer of complexity. To facilitate compliance with the EU AI Act, our AI Act-focused Learner Paths provide a structured understanding of the compliance journey. Learners become experts in different areas of the AI Act, from Risk Classification to technical AI Act Readiness.

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The four steps of your AI learning journey

  1. Training Needs Analysis: Assessing your workforce's AI knowledge to customize learning.
  2. Role Mapping and Planning: Developing tailored paths aligned with roles and goals.
  3. Onboarding & Access: Intuitive platform access for employees to AI learning resources.
  4. Tailored Learning: Specialized paths for comprehensive skill development.

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