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Tailored professional services

Do you need solutions or services for your AI journey that are tailored to your individual needs? Together with leading companies, we have developed practical assistance, software tools, and support formats. These include offerings in the areas of strategy, use case, MLOps, education, and AI software development.

Depending on what you want to achieve with AI in your company, you can combine these solutions and services in modules.

Staying competitive in the long term with the help of AI

AI-based applications can generate value, enhance quality, accelerate processes, or even become a differentiator in most process steps and products. In this regard, 70-90% of the solutions should be implemented and operated as a service by third-party providers in the long term. appliedAI closely collaborates with numerous startups and, as a neutral partner, recommends a selection of solution providers when needed.

However, about 10-30% of use cases are so central and relevant to the company that developing its own AI applications and building the necessary expertise is required. appliedAI, with its team for AI solution development, is a trusted partner for these cases, with comprehensive expertise in innovative business models, development of AI products, and professional deployment in important corporate processes. Together, we create something entirely new and build competence within your organization.

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Your company in the age of artificial intelligence

Strategy & Transformation

In order to achieve the promised value of AI, your company must embark on an AI journey to higher levels of maturity. This includes a comprehensive transformative process.

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Generate Value with trustworthy AI Solutions

Our AI Solutions team helps you develop and implement AI solutions for your most important industrial processes and products.

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