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Our Partnership Programs

Unlock your AI potential and conquer the challenges of technology with our Partnership programs.

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A strong AI partner by your side

We help companies create value with AI, drawing on our experience of over six years in AI and the expertise of Europe's largest AI ecosystem.

An effective athlete requires a training program tailored to their fitness level that suggests exercises and gradually improves fitness. Our partnership programs are the "fitness program for your company". They are designed to meet the different needs of larger organizations and systematically promote the growth of AI maturity levels for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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Mastering AI Challenges with an appliedAI Partnership

When introducing AI, companies face numerous challenges. These include the lack of best practices and expertise, as well as efficiently navigating AI solutions and expertise to keep up with change. This is where the appliedAI partnership comes in: a one-stop service offering practical guidance and solutions. We analyze the current status of your AI maturity level and accompany your organization on your AI journey. We serve as your personal trainer for the professional use of AI – not just as an ecosystem ("fitness studio"). As part of our partnership programs, we offer tailored support based on a thorough analysis of your current AI progress through specialized content and expertise to advance your journey.

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Benefit from AI Excellence in Your Company

The key pillars and benefits of the partnership, tailored to your company's AI journey:

  • Companion: We are your experienced sparring partner guiding you through your AI journey. Our trusted network of colleagues and experts is available to support your AI core team and decision-makers.
  • Curated and up-to-date content: appliedAI provides you with the necessary tools for the AI journey and compiles an information program based on the latest AI developments to keep you informed.
  • Multiplier: We offer regular training to further educate your organization and ensure you are equipped for success with AI in your company. Additionally, our networking events strengthen your employees, AI core team, and management.
  • Extended network: Join Europe's largest ecosystem and gain direct access to the right partners. Our formats allow your experts to actively engage, exchange experiences, and stay up to date with AI developments.

Our Partnership Programs

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The Partnership Program for larger companies

Companion Partnership

The Companion Partnership Program is for large enterprises with over €0.5B in revenue or 2,500+ employees, or SMEs looking for advanced services beyond the SME Partnership Program.

Companion Partnership
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The Partnership Program for smaller and middle-sized companies

SME Partnership

The SME Partnership Programme is specifically tailored to the needs of SMEs and helps companies to create value with AI.

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Trusted Expertise and Collaboration for a Successful AI Journey

appliedAI was founded to keep the German and European industries competitive in the AI era. We adopt a trusted and long-term exchange approach with our partners. A partner, who supports you with expertise, valuable insights, and collaboration opportunities. Discover the potential of our unique ecosystem, where global AI 

initiatives, research pioneers, tech experts, institutional partners, and emerging startups not only exchange best practices and common pitfalls but also build new knowledge and solutions. With our locations in Munich and Heilbronn, we are part of two of Europe's most influential AI ecosystems for the application of trusted AI to make sure that our industry remains competitive in the AI era.