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Munich, 10/16/2023, 1:30 AM Uhr

Event for appliedAI industry and ecosystem partners

appliedAI Ecosystem Meetup - "Trustworthy AI"

"Trustworthy AI" is lawful, ethical and robust. At the appliedAI Ecosystem Meetup, we will look at Trustworthy AI from different angles, and discuss avenues for operationalisation in order to accelerate trustworthy AI at scale, while enabling innovation within the emerging regulatory framework.

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online, 10/23/2023, 1:00 PM Uhr

Open to public - Expert Talk in English

Human Rights Impact Assessment of AI Systems

The use of AI capabilities poses new challenges to safeguarding human rights, and organisations lack the tools to address the implications. The speaker Ms. Catherine Bloch Veiberg will share essential knowledge and resources to help organisations understand and manage the human rights impact of their AI activities.

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Heilbronn, 10/24/2023, 6:00 PM Uhr

Boost your value chain with Artifical Intelligence

How companies from Baden-Württemberg automate tasks with the help of artificial intelligence, and AI startups solve real-world problems of industrial companies. A joint event of appliedAI Initiative in cooperation with ALPHAZIRKEL x UnternehmerTUM.

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Hybrid (Munich Urban Colab and remote), 11/9/2023, 3:00 PM Uhr

For appliedAI Partners only

ChatGPT vs Google Bard – who’s #1 in the GenAI world?

ChatGPT and Google Bard are among the leading tools in the field of GenAI and are the first choice when it comes to text creation and research. How do you use them that they truly provide added value in daily business? Find answers in this session with Timm Rotter, founder of the communication agency In A Nutshell.

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Munich Urban Colab, 11/14/2023, 10:00 AM Uhr

for 'Networkpartners' only - in English

Roundtable on 'AI Governance'

The implementation of AI Governance under the EU AI Act is a common challenge, hence the goal of the roundtable is to jointly tackle this topic and identify the main pain points, share best practices, and identify areas for future work.

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online, 11/15/2023, 3:00 PM Uhr

For appliedAI Partners only

Data Governance and AI - with NetApp

In this session, we will explore the essential role of data governance in AI, addressing the challenges and legal considerations, emphasizing the importance of privacy regulations, showcasing key customer use cases, and introducing NetApp's approach for effective data governance in AI.

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