We are looking for unique and talented people who challenge established paths to help companies become shapers in the AI Age.

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Would you like to join our team in Munich, Heilbronn or Remote? We are currently looking for rockstar talent in the following areas. If your desired position is not listed, but you think we would be a good fit, send us your application here.

AI Engineering & MLOps

When it comes to large-scale adoption and the technology stack, AI is still in its infancy. Therefore, we are developing new AI prototypes and tools with our partners in a variety of domains (from purely virtual, e.g. data analytics, NLP, etc., to cyber-physical, e.g. drones and CV in the real world, etc.). We base these developments on cutting-edge technology from our partners (NVIDIA, Google, Cisco, IBM, Pure, etc.) and tackle everything in between - become part of our engineering and MLOps team.

AI Strategy & Transformation

Artificial intelligence is poised to change the business model of large companies and disrupt entire industries. Understanding the opportunities, risks and value that can be achieved through the use of this technology is a complex task for companies and their management. We understand this and are helping them meet this challenge with original content - be part of our Strategy and Transformation team and help our partners achieve AI maturity by supporting them with a variety of resources and services.

Education & Training

Artificial intelligence is more than "just another" technology. We understand this and help our partners draw conclusions from it. We educate and train them from the technical aspects to the strategic and socio-political elements. The best and brightest always stand on the shoulders of giants - become part of our training and education team and help us teach AI to some of the most influential people out there.

Business Development & Partner Interaction

Join our Business Development & Partner Interaction team responsible for partner satisfaction, growth management, and knowledge and artifact delivery. It drives applied AI by transforming businesses into partners, creating visibility for applied AI, and ensuring partners are constantly receiving the best of what applied AI has to offer.

Human Resources

Become part of our Human Resources team!


What I love about working at appliedAI is the opportunity to collaborate with engaged companies and other ecosystem players to drive high-impact projects. appliedAI is a place where there are so many experts in so many different fields that I learn something new every time we work together.

Dr. Till Klein, Head of Trustworthy AI
Dr. Till Klein, Head of Trustworthy AI