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The appliedAI initiative accelerates your journey to AI maturity - from technology to strategy, we help you to adopt AI.

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The quest

Starting with AI is deceptively easy, operationalizing it is fiendishly hard.

AI is not just another technology but a new paradigm for how machines are programmed, operate and drive value for a business. The implications stretch from niches to broad markets, from technical units and products to supporting services and processes. AI maturity is not optional - as much as digital maturity never was optional. appliedAI was formed as a neutral platform and service provider together with world leading companies to tackle the challenges of the AI Transformation jointly and holistically: To reach AI maturity; together; faster.

We can help you - no matter where you are

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AI prototyping, implementation, and product development

Infrastructure, lab and ML pipeline design

Running your AI center of excellence

Usecase discovery and specification

AI strategy and operationalization

Exchange of best-practices between leaders

Trainings (e.g. Introduction, Strategy, Management)

Comprehensive digital AI Academy programs

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Our mission

We accelerate the adoption of AI technology

AI gives machines new capabilities that were out of grasp for the last 80 years. These capabilities may seem simple at first glance, but they question the very hypotheses modern markets and business models rely on. Problems intractable 10 years ago become solvable at low cost through this new technology. Our mission is to accelerate and support the adoption of this technology holistically.

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Our goal

Elevating the German economy to AI maturity

AI is reshaping industries across the globe. Modern companies, big moats or not, will need to adapt. We bring together the best from industry, digital markets, and academia, in Germany and across Europe. The initiative is based on joint work in a multitude of areas. We operate independently of industry or market segment, our services span from ecosystem activities to implementing complex AI systems. AI is a general purpose technology and we treat it that way.

The outcome

Applying AI - across the board

As an initiative, we have established the leading trust-based platform for AI practitioners in Germany: Exclusive conferences, meetups, delegations, and roundtables. Strong inter-personal connections, joint public messages, best-practice exchange, and democratized infrastructure. As a service provider, we deliver the latest in AI technology implementation and research, AI strategy definition and operationalization as well as AI education and re-skilling of organizations. appliedAI is your trusted and neutral partner for reaching AI Maturity. Across the board.

Our Partners

Tech partners

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Pure Storage
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Industry partners

BMW Group
Giesecke + Devrient
Munich RE
Rohde & Schwarz

Ecosystem partners

Bayrisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft und Medien, Energie und Technologie
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie
Dürr Stiftung
Odgers Berndtson
Roboy & Lucy
Neue stiftung verantwortung greyscale
World Food Programme
Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern

Academic partners

Fraunhofer IIS
HelmholtzZentrum München

The Fourth Annual Landscape

The AI German Startup Landscape 2021

In order to highlight AI startups in Germany, drive AI adoption and create more partnership opportunities between startups and corporations appliedAI has launched the annual German AI Startup Landscape. Together with the help of our +40 partners from academia, government and industry – we have set out to create an ecosystem in which AI startups can flourish and help shape the future of AI for the benefit of society. By creating a centralized database of quality AI startups, corporations and SMEs will have easier access to AI partners they can trust. This year, the data collected shows that the AI scene in this country is coming of age and that well-known startups are increasingly establishing themselves on the market.

Wieland Holfeder

The appliedAI Initiative of UnternehmerTUM is a unique opportunity for academia, startups, the German Mittelstand, corporates, and technology companies to come together, work together, and learn together. It helps them to become a leader in applying AI. Google was an early partner and is continuing to invest in this partnership.

Dr. Wieland Holfelder, VP Engineering & Site Lead Google Munich

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