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Developed by appliedAI, supported by BDI and Bitkom

Evaluate your AI Readiness

Assess your AI maturity and receive a comprehensive report for advancing you on your AI journey

To help organizations on their transformational AI journey and support in effectively planning and executing the right activities to start with or advance with AI, appliedAI has developed the AI Maturity Assessment, an interactive tool that allows you to assess your state of AI adoption. It is the leading assessment tool for AI in Europe used by various organizations already.

  • understand your current AI readiness
  • identify areas for improvement
  • build your AI roadmap
  • introduce AI at scale in your organization
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Highest Quality:

Already rolled out across seven EU-countries, the tool is considered the top AI maturity assessment tool in Europe. The tool has been developed by appliedAI by UnternehmerTUM, one of the largest nonprofit innovation centers in Europe in collaboration with leading global AI organizations and is currently being used with great success by many companies for their strategic planning.

Fast and easy to use:

The assessment only takes 20 minutes per participant and consists of 109 questions across 10 categories to get a comprehensive picture of your AI readiness. To consider various perspectives and provide as much detail as possible, the assessment can be taken by multiple different employees across different teams within the organization.

Customized Recommendations:

Every organization is unique! Upon completing the assessment you will receive a customized report of your AI maturity. Also, you will receive individualized recommendations that will be the baseline for your strategic AI planning.

Your benefits from taking the AI Maturity Assessment

Understand the Status Quo

Understand your degree of AI maturity across different strategic dimensions. Gain insight into various aspects such as the visibility of an overall strategy, availability of skills, IT infrastructure, data management, or the execution of AI projects.

Track Progress

A repeated assessment (e.g. annual) of your AI maturity allows for progress tracking: monitoring of successful initiatives and areas requiring further improvement. This helps you to steer transformation towards becoming a successful AI user.

Derive Development Potentials

Based on your performance across all dimensions, the Maturity Assessment Tool supports you to derive concrete development potentials that help you mature.

Free to Use

Our goal is to lift Europe to the AI age, guide your way towards AI maturity and shape the European AI ecosystem. Thus, we provide the Maturity Assessment Tool for free in Germany and beyond

How it Works

Starting your AI maturity assessment is easy! All you have to do is follow a few simple steps:

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Get on board:

Click on the link and create your personal account for the tool. Once logged in, you can create your first AI maturity assessment.

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Configure your first assessment:

The AI maturity assessment tool allows to derive detailed insights from different groups inside your organization (e.g., you might want to distinguish between the perceptions of your business units vs. IT team). The configuration interface guides you through this process of getting you ready to start!

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Run your assessment:

You may use the assessment by yourself, but the results are more reliable if multiple participants from your organization share their view. We recommend to invite multiple colleagues from various departments to participate in the assessment. It’s as easy as sending them a link that is created within the tool.

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Get your insights:

Once your assessment is completed your AI maturity will automatically be analyzed and visualized in an online dashboard. The tool also provides recommendations that are tailored to your results.

Get Started with Your Organizations Assessment

Taking your organization to the next level of AI Maturity

The AI Journey

Applying AI at scale is a complex endeavor that requires long-term planning, engagement, and can only be reached in a transformative process. appliedAI has mapped out the different stages that organizations go through from first experiments with this new technology to enterprise-wide application of artificial intelligence at scale or even shaping the overall market and AI ecosystem. We call this the AI Journey.

Wieland Holfeder

The appliedAI Initiative of UnternehmerTUM is a unique opportunity for academia, startups, the German Mittelstand, corporates, and technology companies to come together, work together, and learn together. It helps them to become a leader in applying AI. Google was an early partner and is continuing to invest in this partnership.

Dr. Wieland Holfelder, VP Engineering & Site Lead Google Munich

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About the Partners

Bitkom is Germany’s digital association. Founded 1999 in Berlin, Bitkom represents more than 2,000 organizations of the digital economy. Our membership spans more than 1,000 SMEs, over 500 startups and virtually all global players.

Bitkom advocates the digitisation of the economy, our society and public administration. We push for the faster rollout of gigabit networks and digital infrastructure for energy and mobility, for trade and for smart homes, for cities and regions. We support policies for data-driven business models, for data protection and cybersecurity, for platforms, disruptive technologies, work 4.0 and life-long education in a digital world. A strong European digital policy and a fully integrated digital single market are at the heart of Bitkom’s concerns, as well as establishing Germany as a key driver of digital change in Europe and globally.

The BDI is the umbrella organisation of German industry and industry-related service providers. It represents 40 industrial sector federations and has 15 regional offices in the German federal states. The BDI speaks for more than 100,000 private enterprises employing around 8 million people. Industry is the basis of the German economy and plays a decisive role in determining the future competitiveness of our country. The BDI relays the interests of German industry to political representatives in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

The appliedAI initiative is a part of the UnternehmerTUM ecosystem, the largest innovation and entre preneurship center in Europe. 250 employees work at UnternehmerTUM to promote innovative ideas and business models - whether forming a start-up or within established organizations. The appliedAI initiative was born out of this ecosystem in 2018. Today, a team of more than 40 employees works on supporting organizations on their way to becoming successful in using AI and innovating in the context of AI technologies.

To this end, the appliedAI initiative has established a network of large and medium-sized organizations, universities and research institutions, public authorities, NGOs and AI hubs throughout Europe. Within this network, the appliedAI Initiative develops a comprehensive and world-leading knowledge base on technical and strategic issues for organizations that strive to apply and develop AI technologies to boost their business. Anchored in a comprehensive framework, which has been successfully applied in a wide range of strategy and transformation projects at various large and medium-sized corporations, appliedAI offers a holistic perspective on successfully applying "artificial intelligence“.

Alexander Thamm is one of the leading providers of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in the German speaking world. The Data Science & AI Consultancy was founded in 2012 by the owner Alexander Thamm in Munich. Since then the team has grown significantly and expanded the offices. Alexander Thamm is now located in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Stuttgart and Cologne.

Alexander Thamm generates real added value for and with our customers from Data, so that they will remain competitive in the future. For this purpose Alexander Thamm develops and implements data-driven innovations and business models. The service portfolio covers the entire Data Journey – from data strategy to the development of algorithms and IT architectures to maintenance and operation.

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