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Creating efficiency with AI applications

Beyond Automation: AI Solutions for operational excellence

Leveraging the power of AI in your company can revolutionize how you operate. You can save time and resources by streamlining your operations, and the predictive capabilities of AI provide you with a foresight tool to anticipate trends and challenges. But it's not just about efficiency — AI delivers personalized customer experiences, fostering lasting satisfaction and loyalty. Embracing AI sets your company apart with cutting-edge technology and competitive advantage.

AI technology in implementation

How we can support you: Our AI focus fields

At appliedAI, we concentrate on 4 different technological AI focus areas. Here you will find an overview of each focus field:

Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Using RL, we create adaptive systems for dynamic decision-making. Our Reinforcement Control division optimizes efficiency and cuts costs autonomously.

Large Language Models (LLMs)

Our LLM expertise enables us to use advanced natural language processing for extracting insights, automating tasks, and improving communication through language-based applications.

Computer Vision

With a strong foundation in computer vision, we enable machines to interpret and understand visual information, offering solutions that range from image recognition to video analysis, revolutionizing how businesses process and utilize visual data.

Anomaly Detection

Our proficiency in anomaly detection allows us to develop solutions that identify irregular patterns or outliers in data. This enables our clients to proactively address potential issues and enhance the overall integrity and security of their systems.

The development process you can expect

1. Exploration

  • Use Case Ideation & Evaluation
  • Holistically address customer needs and solutions
  • Evaluate data, issues, and make go-or-no-go decision

2. Prototype Development

  • Phase starts only after team approval
  • Engineers create initial product version

3. Implementation

  • Integrate and test prototype within business processes
  • Solve any arising problems

4. Operations

  • Provide maintenance support
  • Resolve daily application issues

We develop Trustworthy AI

At appliedAI you can be sure to receive trustworthy and cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to your needs. As the European Commission underscores the significance of trustworthy AI through the European AI Act, we prioritize the development of trustworthy AI.

By partnering with over 20 organizations, we establish professionalization frameworks for seamless AI integration in large enterprises. As strategic advisors to German ministries, we champion the cause of interpretable AI. Join us in global initiatives like OECD, GPAI, IEEE, ETAMI, and more such as working groups, dedicated to fostering trustworthy AI practices both worldwide and within the partner network.

Examples of the impact of AI across industries

The applicability of AI spans across diverse industries, demonstrating its transformative potential. In the healthcare sector, AI creates personalized treatment plans and accelerates drug discovery as well as the development processes. In the financial sector, AI helps to improve fraud detection and prevention, as well as credit scoring and risk assessment. In the manufacturing industry, AI is crucial for optimizing processes, automating tasks, and increasing efficiency.

For example, teaming up with Linde, we scale stable model-based Reinforcement Learning methods for dependable deployment in continuous processes. From assisting the European Central Bank to collaborating with TFE Energy GmbH on robust computer vision solutions, our commitment to trustworthy AI spans various sectors.

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