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As our partner, you are at the center of the fast AI (r)evolution and can gain valuable knowledge.

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Increase in AI maturity through collaboration

Our Partnership’s not just another AI consulting that’s over when a project is officially delivered. The partnership is at the heart of the appliedAI Initiative and its success since its foundation in 2017.

The partnership successfully advances small and large companies in their AI maturity to compete in the age of AI and to execute positive business outcomes at scale.

The partnership was created with the understanding that we can apply AI faster and better together by collaborating and exchanging knowledge.

The unique value of the partnership is to provide state-of-the-art knowledge, best practices, and experiences to address the most important challenges in a trusted, cross-industry ecosystem, empowering organizations throughout their entire AI transformation process.

Create sustainable value with the appliedAI Partnership

The partnership is empowering companies that want to apply AI to create value spanning from strategy, to technology and organizational challenges maximizing sustainable impact.

Your AI maturity level and your company goals shape your own AI journey and partnership with appliedAI. Executing a comprehensive status-quo analysis, we develop strategies and measurable goals to successfully identify and implement AI opportunities across your organization.

Additionally you'll have dedicated guidance and expert support focussing on adding value across cutting edge AI applications specifically relevant for your company. Our ecosystem and platform is providing value to develop knowledge empowering expert teams realizing the highest impact.

Furthermore, the appliedAI Ecosystem is a unique and trustworthy collaboration and knowledge sharing platform. Across our partner network, you’ll be able to develop knowledge and share best practices across a diverse cohort of local and global organizations.

Which components does the Partnership include?

The partnership consists of three components:

  1. Individual guidance and expert support. The starting point is your AI Maturity Assessment and individual journey workshop to analyse your organizations status quo, create targets and a roadmap enabling you to execute clear business objectives focussing on value-adding strategies.
  2. Co-creation, collaboration & learning from and with others. Like-minded peers, focus on outcome driven expert exchange in a trusted ecosystem, including roundtables, co-creation formats and a collaboration and knowledge platform: We empower you to tackle the most complex challenges, to develop solutions and to create and share best practices all can benefit from.
  3. Access to state of the art knowledge & ecosystem. From strategy, to technology and organizational aspects, everyone in your organisation receives relevant insights and updates. Carefully curated interaction formats - at our conferences or workshops, through trainings, learn@lunch, our ecosystem, or other formats, will scale knowledge transfer.

What you can expect from every component

Individual guidance and expert support expand_more
  • Al Maturity Assessment
  • Al Journey Workshop
  • AI Journey Manager
  • Expert Support

    Structured Al journey workshop to derive core action items and roadmap for the upcoming year (Al Journey)
Co-creation, collaboration & learning from and with others expand_more
  • Roundtables
  • Working Groups
  • Ask-my-Anvthing sessions
  • Collaboration & Knowledge Platform
Access to state of the art knowledge & Ecosystem expand_more
  • Conferences
  • Delegation Visits
  • Workshops
  • Trainings
  • Learn@Lunch
  • Newsletter

How you will benefit from the appliedAI partnership

The appliedAI partnership helps an organization in three ways to address the challenges of advancing in AI and to drive value.

appliedAI is your trusted companion

We are the dedicated sparring partner and AI Journey guide for decision makers to keep up with the dynamic developments ofAI innovation.

appliedAI has developed a network of experts and collaboration formats, with the design principle of trust, to execute business impact. We help you master the AI journey.

appliedAI is your expert collaboration platform

For your AI expert team who need to stay up to date, we organize specific interaction formats to gain and exchange experiences and best practices.

AI expert teams have access to the appliedAI Ecosystem to collaborate with relevant partners empowering the organisation to realize the highest impact.

appliedAI is your multiplier enabling your organization

The successful implementation of an AI strategy depends on the organization as a whole.

Therefore, a structured roadmap and training plan is seamlessly embedded in your organization to build knowledge and trust in AI for employees and Management that fit and support the organisational journey.

Who is part of the appliedAI ecosystem?

appliedAI provides an ecosystem based on trust and openness, in which best practices are shared across different business sectors.

Industry, companies, and employees can only remain competitive if we collaborate in the global race and use the relatively limited resources efficiently.

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Our industrial partners

The appliedAI partnership is suitable for medium to large-sized companies, regardless of their maturity level.

The stakeholders who can apply the resources of appliedAI across the organization can be decision makers in AI projects and initiatives, AI teams or responsible for digitalization and/or innovation.

Our offer is aimed at the entire life cycle of an AI journey, in which many different business units are involved. The more your company uses the offerings within the framework of the appliedAI partnership, the more you benefit from it and can achieve a higher level of AI maturity more quickly.

Our ecosystem partners

Our unique ecosystem consists of international AI initiatives, research institutions, technology companies, institutional partners, and startups.

The ecosystem supports industrial partners in the challenges of the AI journey through expertise, exchange of experience, as a cooperation or development partner.

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