As our partner, you are at the center of the fast AI (r)evolution and can gain valuable knowledge.

The appliedAI partnership

Artificial Intelligence adoption by the industry

In the ever-changing landscape of technology, businesses often find themselves grappling with numerous challenges on their journey towards AI maturity. Challenges include keeping up with the fast pace of change, lacking well-defined best practices and in-house expertise, and navigating the complex landscape of AI solutions.

Enter the solution: the appliedAI Partnership. Serving as an accessible and immediate one-stop resource, the Partnership is designed to support you throughout your AI journey. With a clear understanding of the dynamic nature of technology, it offers practical guidance and solutions to tackle the challenges presented by AI.

Thanks to over 5 years of experience in this domain, we can support you in using AI as your competitive advantage in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. We enable strategic planning that fosters your sustainable business growth.

The appliedAI Partnership: Addressing Challenges, Driving Value

The Partnership has three pillars. We're not just here to guide you – we're your trustworthy ally and act as a multiplier of your efforts. Furthermore, we are your extended community with a network that thrives on collaboration and shared knowledge. As a member of this ecosystem, you gain access to a wealth of resources. These include invaluable best practices shared by your peers, equipping you with the knowledge and strategies needed to effectively implement AI within your company.

Your companion

  • Dedicated personal sparring partner
  • Trusted network of peers
  • Experts at hand
  • Networking and high-level events

Your extended community

  • Formats for experts to participate in to gain and exchange experiences
  • Ecosystem to get direct access to the right partners

Your multiplier

  • Regular trainings fit and support your AI journey
  • Events for employees or management
  • appliedAI at your internal events

Scaling AI in a Trusted Ecosystem Through Best Practices

Join our Partnership to start your AI journey focused on business growth and innovation. Benefit from personalized guidance and expert support tailored to your needs. Discover the strength of co-creation and collaboration, learning from experts and peers alike. Gain access to cutting-edge knowledge within a trusted ecosystem that will elevate your AI endeavors.

The Partnership advances your AI Journey with individual guidance and expert support

appliedAI is your dedicated partner in strategic planning, offering a competitive advantage by leveraging best practices. Our approach starts with the Maturity Assessment Tool (MAT) that evaluates the status quo of the AI maturity in your company.

Next, we conduct an AI Journey Workshop to create your AI strategy and AI roadmap. This tailored session lays the groundwork for your AI initiatives, ensuring a clear path forward. We're dedicated to boosting your competitive advantage and business growth and provide personalized 1:1 guidance through sparring sessions on your journey.

Within the appliedAI ecosystem, you gain access to extensive knowledge and collaboration, securing a competitive advantage. This hub serves as a platform to learn from diverse perspectives and connect with peers, enhancing your competitive edge. Expert support is readily available, including customized knowledge sessions.

Competitive Advantage through Collaboration and Continuous Learning

Starting the AI Journey is best done with visionary partners. appliedAI provides a neutral platform for sharing, co-creating knowledge, and collaborating. In our ecosystem, you'll find interactive opportunities to boost your AI maturity and make beneficial connections.

Round Table: These purposeful discussions focus on specific topics customized for you. We aim to help partners share best practices and insights for valuable interactions.

Ask Me Anything: Explore insights from decision-makers and experts as they share experiences and best practices. These sessions also allow attendees to get direct answers to their questions.

Managed Peer Group: Moderated by appliedAI, regular sessions gather peers with similar AI maturity levels and domain interests. The emphasis is on co-creation and building trusted relationships, invaluable for your AI journey.

Working Group: Delve into focused knowledge exchange in our working groups. These groups revolve around specific topics and stress collaboration, particularly in industrial AI.

Co-creation/Community/Knowledge Platform: Imagine a virtual space where cutting-edge insights, relevant exchanges, and knowledge come alive. This platform is a hub for community engagement, co-creation, and the latest AI advancements.

Access to Best Practices and Strategic Planning

Everyone in the organization can benefit from accessing information on everything from culture to regulations, AI strategy to technology.

  • Conferences: Get inspired, share knowledge, and focus on the latest AI advancements. Connect in the AI ecosystem to expand your network.
  • Delegation Visits: Join small groups to explore international AI development and establish global peer relationships.
  • Workshops: Delve deeply into chosen subjects within the appliedAI ecosystem. Benefit from the expertise of working groups and both internal and external specialists.
  • Trainings: Amplify the transfer of knowledge across relevant topics (Introduction, Strategy, Use Cases, AI Act). Achieve certification through our established training programs.
  • Learn@Lunch: Concentrated knowledge-sharing sessions by appliedAI during lunch breaks. Covering AI updates, expert perspectives, and startup presentations.
  • Newsletter: Updates from the appliedAI ecosystem on our activities, local and global trends, specific domain updates and publications.

Who is part of the appliedAI ecosystem?

The appliedAI ecosystem is a trustworthy network which supports you throughout your AI journey with expertise, valuable insights, and opportunities for collaboration. Whether you're aiming for a cooperative venture or a development Partnership, our ecosystem's got your back.

Our industrial partners

Chatbots, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability - There are countless possibilities to create value with AI in the industry. In our ecosystem, companies from different sectors come together. In a trusting environment, they can learn from and with each other and benefit from the experience and expertise of their peers.

Our ecosystem partners

Explore the power of our unique ecosystem, where global AI initiatives, research pioneers, tech experts, institutional partners, and emerging startups exchange best-practices and common pitfalls.

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