We are building a unique, unusual and skillful team to change the face of applied AI. We are looking for people who think differently and question the established way.

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Open positions

Do you want to join our team in Munich or as a remote worker/developer? We are currently looking for rockstar talent in the following fields. If your targeted position is not listed but you think we would hit it off together, send us your speculative application here.

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Our principles

How we work

  1. Start with “why”, then maximize impact. We are conscious that our relationship with our partners carries with it an obligation to understand their needs. We ask our partners and ourselves “why?”, to really understand problems and search for where we can have the greatest impact. We are receptive to what we learn, and we focus our actions on where we generate the highest value.
  2. Build shared wisdom. AI disrupts whole industries and is much more than a technology. We know that great insights and new ideas about AI emerge when different fields and views collide. We embrace building wisdom collectively.
  3. Dream ahead; be playful. Being at the forefront of AI Technology means having no one to follow, so we hypothesize and invent on principle. We are imagining the future and playing with ideas. We create hypotheses and provide answers before others ask the question.
  4. Make it real; be practical. It is easy to get lost in the ocean that is AI. Be obsessed with practicality and draw a clear line to application. Innovation happens where theory and ideas translate into real-world applications. Balancing both is our strength and defense.
  5. Strive for great or don’t do it. Keeping the balance between quantity and quality is hard; we put in the work to identify which things must be great - and make them great. If we can’t, we don’t do them at all.
  6. Practice what you preach, reflect, and adjust. We do what we recommend to others and follow our own advice. We reflect on the data we have and are honest about what it tells us. We don’t run on autopilot; we are willing to take a step back and adjust our course. Decisions are rarely a one-way street!
  7. Success is never yours alone. At appliedAI, people care for each other and share both burdens and success. Every person at appliedAI contributes to every success. There are no exceptions.
  8. Have backbone; disagree, then commit. When challenges emerge we don't turn a blind eye to them, whether they are internal or external. We raise them; we welcome debate and disagreement. Once arguments are exchanged and a decision is made, we commit wholly.
  9. Lead by example. Everyone is a leader. Leading means taking responsibility and being accountable to your team and other leaders. Leaders earn trust by consistently setting an example through their actions.
  10. Excellence is people; develop and invest. We strive for excellence - and it all starts with people. We invest the time and resources to develop our team and ourselves. We support every team member to continuously learn and develop. We challenge our own thoughts, sharpen our skills, stay informed, and ask for advice a lot. We search for, hire and retain the best.

Education & Training

Artificial Intelligence is more than “just another” technology. We understand that and help our partners derive conclusions from it. We educate and train them from the technical aspects to the strategic and sociopolitical elements. The best and brightest always stand on the shoulder of giants – help us teach AI to some of the most influental individuals out there.

Head of AI Academy (m/f/x)

We are looking for a Head of AI Academy to take a key role in developing the strategic and operational side of our transformation agenda. As an excellent communicator and expert in managing educational content, you will build and expand strong relationships with our partner companies to scale our program and guide the partners’ AI Journey by creating a people-centric vision for future expertise. Our diverse team of experts is our most important asset – to be successful in this role, you act as an inspiring leader to empower and develop the Academy team members.

Engineering & Development

When it comes to large scale adoption and the technological stack, AI is very much in its infancy. Therefore we are developing new AI prototypes and tools with our partners in a multitude of domains (from purely virtual e.g. data analysis, NLP etc. to cyber-physical e.g. drones and CV in the real world etc.). We base these developments on state-of-the-art technology of our partners (NVIDIA, Google, Cisco, IBM, Pure etc.) and are tackling everything in between – be a part of our engineering team.

(Senior) AI Engineer (m/f/x)

We are looking for a (senior) AI Engineer. You will drive the application of AI in real world settings. We deeply understand that building AI solutions is more than hacking scripts and notebooks together. We see it as an engineering discipline and therefore mix the notion of Software Engineering and AI Research.

(Senior) Software Engineer / Software Architect (m/f/x)

We are looking for a (senior) Software Engineer with experience in designing, building and maintaining reliable and scalable customer-facing software/services, above-average communication skills and a willingness to learn new ones. It would be advantageous to have a good understanding of how larger companies think and act, and what the challenges are in deploying software systems for such customers at scale.

Strategy & consulting

Artificial Intelligence is poised to change the business-model of major companies and may disrupt whole industries. Understanding the chances, risks and values that can be achieved by using this technology is a complex task for companies and its management. We know that and help them with original content to takle this challenge – be a part of our strategy team.

Working Student: Junior AI Strategist (m/f/x)

We are looking for exceptional working students to help us on our mission to lift Germany to the AI age. You enjoy structuring complex topics and problems, coming up with creative and hands-on solutions in interdisciplinary teams and communicating the results of your work.

Reasons to join us

Perks & benefits

We have ambitious goals and we are working hard to achieve them. We take care of everything so that you can focus on our common mission.

Once in a lifetime tech

We run appliedAI on technology that hasn’t even hit the market from our technology partners. Our team constantly updates our tech-pool based on what we think is relevant to the world.

Freedom to create

Writing papers, visiting conferences, building new frameworks, running hackathons or inviting top-notch speakers – all of it is highly encouraged.


Flex-time options and opportunities to work from home as well as time for own projects.

Family & career

Access to child day care places provided by the Technical University of Munich, part-time and parent working hours models, a child care allowance.


Free membership of and courses at the MakerSpace – building something new is not only an option but what we do regularly.


The German health care system is one of the best in the world and Munich has a high density of clinics.


We hire only the best and brightest. Our team consists of physicists, mathematicians, electrical engineers, computer scientists, event-managers, communications experts and many more. Joining means entering a family.

Team events & partners

We are doing team events on a regular basis and are always up for trying new activities together. This means thinking up unusual events with our partners as well. Your network will grow strongly.


Routine cross-team networking, team events. Flat hierarchies.

Attractive work environment

Corporate university sports programme, sun terrace, the ‘Herr Lichtenberg’ canteen in Garching, the 'Flash Gordon’ canteen in Munich's city center, fruit basket and pilates courses.

Continuing education

Training courses, library, networking and the opportunity to work on projects outside your specific area of expertise.


Induction day and a welcome package for every employee. We will set up your work-space together the way you think makes most sense.

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Our office

Visit us

Stop by at our office in Garching, near Munich. We not only have the coolest tech gadgets out there, but also a fully equipped maker-space with 1.500 m² in house to build the latest technologies from scratch!

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