White Papers

Display of the cover of the whitepaper about Retrieval-augmented Generation

Retrieval-augmented Generation Realized: Strategic & Technologial Insights for Industrial Applications

Our whitepaper on Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) explores industry advancements, challenges, methodologies, and practical use cases.

ML Skill Profiles: An Organizational Blueprint for Scaling Enterprise ML

Organizations often struggle to scale self-developed ML models in production due to high project failure rates. Our whitepaper introduces the Machine Learning Skill Profiles framework to address this challenge.

A Guide for Large Language Model Make-or-Buy Strategies: Business and Technical Insights

The use of Large Language Models (LLMs) can lead to a sustainable competitive advantage for a company. However, the decision whether to make or buy LLMs is complex.

AI Act: Risk Classification of AI Systems from a Practical Perspective

The present study identified uncertainties among AI users based on the risk classification of more than 100 AI systems in enterprise functions.

AI Act Impact Survey

Exploring the impact of the AI Act on Startups in Europe

How to leverage AI to support the European Green Deal

This whitepaper gives an overview of the many ways in which AI can help the fight against climate change and describes the requirements that are needed to use the potential of AI even better. It is an important contribution for anyone who wants to understand the key mechanisms and levers for AI to tackle climate change.

Culture, Change, Communication

This report aims to draw attention to this often-neglected “soft” side of applying AI successfully. It highlights what is special about AI – after all, change is not a new concept – and offers concrete measures on how to address the issues of culture, communication, and change in the context of an AI transformation. In doing so, we rely on our experience from successful approaches to foster AI applications in larger enterprises.

Value Assessment of AI Products and Applications

The advent of artificial intelligence presents companies with both unique opportunities and – as practitioners’ experience has shown – unique challenges. In this whitepaper and the accompanying comprehensive valuation tool, appliedAI, in cooperation with its technology and industry partners, offers a lifeline to those who are confronted with one particularly vexing challenge of AI: Namely, how to best quantify and measure the value contribution of AI initiatives during the course of a company’s journey to AI maturity.

The Enterprise Guide to Machine Learning

Built together with our partners, this guide is an attempt to share the experience of ML practitioners in the enterprise sector. Here the contributors discuss and elaborate on the challenges companies face in the real world. Maintained by the appliedAI Initiative, the guide reflects a commitment from the partners of appliedAI to share their experiences and best practices when moving beyond the PoC.

Enterprise Guide for Make-or-Buy Decisions

This report is intended to provide helpful guidance for make-or-buy decisions with AI. Download the paper to view a structure of the make-or-buy questions, a framework with decision criteria for solving the make-or-buy question and a selection of the optimal partner and potential pitfalls of different partner types.

Artificial Intelligence for Boards - Gearing up for the Future of Business

Download our latest paper to learn what every board member needs to know about AI. Discover how AI affects various individual board roles, how these learnings can be readily be applied to boards and the 8 top priorities for Boards in the AI Journey.

Response to the 2020 European Commission’s White Paper on AI

In February of 2020, the European Commission Published the "White Paper On Artificial Intelligence - A European approach to excellence and trust". appliedAI and our partners have come together to publish a Position Paper outlining our response to the White Paper.

How to find and prioritize AI use cases

Critical lessons to identify and prioritize AI use cases.

Building the organization for scaling AI

We cover best practices for how to build the organization for scaling AI. Discover the elements needed for a comprehensive AI strategy, an outline for prototypical organizational setup and key learnings from mature AI scalers.

The elements of a comprehensive AI strategy

In this whitepaper, you'll find guidance on how to assess the potential of AI for your business and develop a coherent AI strategy.

KPIs for AI-Strategies

Together with the ‘Stiftung Neue Verantwortung’, we have reviewed indicators for successful national AI strategies and how to monitor them.

Position Paper: Germany's AI Strategy in 2018

the appliedAI Initiative’s standpoint on a German AI strategy