Continuous training of employees is a central element to ensure the long-term competitiveness of your company with the help of AI.

Learning in the AI age

AI is already transforming our lives, and having AI competence is essential for your company's success. appliedAI prioritizes providing high-quality, easily comprehensible knowledge.

We place a special emphasis on using consistent structures and ensuring that content logically builds upon itself. This approach guarantees that appliedAI training always provides relevant knowledge for a particular area.

Additionally, this structure ensures that the knowledge gained in training can be utilized by various departments throughout the company.

Individual training programs

Our training offerings include online courses, individual learning journeys, and certification programs.

It's important to us that not only individual employees benefit from newly acquired knowledge, but the entire company. That's why we train entire teams, from top management to employees, through a variety of learning formats and content. For maximum benefit, we add individual use cases and build on your company's AI strategy. Customized training can be modularized from our existing content modules.

The online learning platform provides access to online courses, videos, and other training materials from appliedAI. Our content is available on a European Moodle platform or can be directly integrated into your learning platform.

The online learning platform offers easy registration and forum access, individual course selection, and interactive course elements.

Our training offer

Online Learning Platform

On our online learning platform, you have access to exciting interactive content such as tutorials and active learning designs. The content is created by AI experts for different target groups.

Customized Training Programs

Our online courses can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your company. The learning content can be integrated into your learning platform with both white labeling and corporate branding options available.

Our courses are based on a combination of moderated online and blended learning concepts with experienced coaches. The delivery of the content is done through video tutorials or personal coaching sessions.

Learning & Academy Design

In this area, the first step is to assess the training needs in your company and create frameworks for the AI Academy. Additionally, we define different company-specific AI roles and create customized learning paths depending on the target role.

The AI Academy by appliedAI

We work with you to design the Learning & Academy program for your company. The goal is to ensure that your employees are always up to date with the latest technology. To achieve this, we follow a four-step approach, where not all employees need to go through all phases.

1 Understanding and Acceptance
This phase starts with the introduction to AI and restarts with every new development or iteration of the technology.

2 Application and Interaction
This is about understanding AI well enough to interact with it and take on new tasks. This phase must be reached by the majority of employees.

3 Competence and Experimentation
In the third stage, employees know enough to make decisions and guide others. They are also able to experiment with new applications and optimize systems.

4 Specialization and Creation
At this level, highly specialized experts deal with AI topics and expand knowledge of AI.

Detailed list of the contents of the live trainings

Trainings and Learning Portal

Regular live trainings expand_more

Introduction to AI

  • Shared and common understanding, interpretation, and expectations of AI technology
  • Creating a broad, shared perspective on AI and the current technology behind it
  • Foundation for the AI journey

AI Strategy & Implementation

  • From AI as a technical topic to AI as a strategic topic
  • Using AI for value creation - case studies
  • An AI strategy: basic elements
  • The first steps towards an AI vision
  • Execution: implementing an AI project

Ideation of AI Use Cases

  • What is an AI use case?
  • Brainstorming & ideation of AI user requirements
  • Specification guidelines with the aAI template
  • Non-functional requirements for use cases
Individual learning portal expand_more

Our learning management system offers you a personalized all-in-one learning platform. Through it, you can access our courses, programs, and certificates. Users can track their individual learning progress in their personal dashboard and exchange ideas with other users in our forum. Additionally, partners can find exclusive workshops in our training calendar.

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Regular trainings with AI experts

Benefit from the appliedAI partner network

As a partner, you have access to regular live training with AI experts.

You can also access deeper engineering content and information on the latest developments in AI through our TransferLab. Additionally, you will have access to further technical knowledge and useful tools.

Individual services for partners

Advanced AI training

appliedAI offers a diverse training program. In addition, our tech partners such as NVIDIA and Google offer advanced AI courses and workshops.

All offers at a glance

Free further education opportunities offered by appliedAI gGmbH

At the appliedAI Institute for Europe, we make courses publicly accessible and free of charge. For example, we offer introductory courses on AI that are aimed at both entrepreneurs and individuals.

We also cover the responsible and ethical use of AI in one of our free online courses.