AI Maturity Assessment

Embark on an engaging exploration of your company's AI maturity with our AI Maturity Analysis. Initiate this exploration by gaining a preliminary glimpse through our free Quick Check - AI Maturity Compass.

Become an AI pioneer

Determine and evaluate the AI maturity level in your organization

Artificial intelligence has now become part of our everyday lives and there are more and more opportunities to generate added value with the help of AI. Many companies are therefore relying on AI to secure their competitiveness in the long term.

To find out to what extent your company is already exploiting the potential of AI, to determine strategic areas of improvement, and to receive recommendations for growing your AI maturity, we developed the AI Maturity Analysis.

Collaborate with our strategy experts in the field-tested AI Maturity Analysis. We will accompany you on your transformative AI journey and support you in effectively planning and implementing strategic AI activities. The starting point of this journey is the AI Maturity Analysis which is completed over a period of 6 weeks.

To increase your AI maturity, this system equips you with a solid view of every necessary component to be successful with AI. In addition, you’ll learn your current maturity level, and how it relates to the aforementioned components as well as to the steps to take in the next 12 months.

Do you want a brief first glimpse of roughly where your company is currently sitting in terms of AI maturity? Start with our Quick Check – a concise, 5-minute self-assessment providing an initial overview.

Quick check – AI Maturity Compass

Our compact and free quick check gives you an initial overview of your AI maturity level. This consists of 10 dimensions and takes about 5 minutes. At the end, you will receive a report with the results via email.

Building on this, we extend an invitation for a more in-depth analysis of your company – adding a more nuanced evaluation and individualized recommendations for action from our strategy experts.

The AI Maturity Analysis

Get the full picture with the AI Maturity Analysis, which comprises 4 phases and is usually completed over a period of 6 weeks. Within these phases, you will get to know the current AI maturity level of your company more closely together with us and our partners. In addition, you will receive a benchmark analysis based on comparable companies.

To achieve this, different groups in your company are asked to participate in a comprehensive, 15-20-minute survey. The result serves as the basis for a tailor-made recommendation to implement AI over the following 12 months.

The development of the AI Maturity Analysis
was supported by the Federation of German Industries (BDI) and BITKOM, the industry association of the German information and telecommunications sector. It is already being used successfully by numerous organizations in several European countries.

The AI maturity assessment explained in two minutes in a compact way

Process of maturity level assessment

Step 1: Preparation phase

Duration: ~ 1 week

  • Defining the goal of participation
  • Defining the target audience 
  • Consult with the works council on data protection, if needed
  • Selecting participants and setting up the survey (online)

The following parties are actively involved in this phase: Carried out by the evaluated company - supported by appliedAI

Step 2: Implementation phase

Duration: ~ 2 weeks

  • Define a specific time frame for participants to fill out the survey.
  • Distributing the online survey to selected participants
  • Participants filling out the survey (duration approximately 30 minutes)

The following parties are actively involved in this phase: Conducted by the evaluated company - supported by appliedAI

Step 3: Analysis phase

Duration: ~ 1 week

  • Aggregating obtained results
  • Structured analysis along the core dimensions 
  • Visualize the result

The following parties are actively involved in this phase: Conducted by appliedAI

Step 4: Interpretation phase

The duration: ~2-3 weeks

  • Display of metrics
  • Evaluation of results
  • Discussion of improvement needs
  • Derivation of possible actions

The following parties are actively involved in this phase: the company and appliedAI.

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