KI Transfer Plus Bayern

Artificial intelligence for regional small and medium-sized enterprises in Bavaria

Artificial intelligence offers numerous opportunities for medium-sized companies to optimize production processes, value chains, and business models. This is essential to sustain their competitiveness in the long term.

However, the introduction and implementation of AI in a company is a very time-consuming and financially risky process.

The Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs has launched KI Transfer Plus to support medium-sized companies in this process. With the help of local AI regional centers, this program supports SMEs in the use of artificial intelligence in their business.

The goal of the program is for medium-sized companies to use AI to generate value and thus sustain their competitiveness in the long term. Regions outside of Bavaria or AI initiatives that want to offer their own programs using the appliedAI content similar to the regional centers are welcome to contact us directly. Further information can be found on the KI Transfer Plus website.