Acceleration Program

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The AI Acceleration Program

Use the Potential of AI in Your Company

AI is no longer a distant science fiction dream; it has long been a reality. For instance, virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri simplify our everyday lives and have even become integrated into our homes. But how can companies profitably utilize AI if they are not Google or Amazon?

Why use AI in Business?

If done correctly, AI can help a company automate repetitive tasks and drive innovation. However, implementing AI is a challenging process that requires a significant investment. To expedite this journey, the Acceleration Program combines professional services and tools to help companies implement AI more quickly and efficiently. It offers expert support and a customized approach to encourage the development of innovative AI applications and long-term value. The program provides a modular framework of building blocks throughout the AI journey, from the initial idea stages to the integration and deployment of AI use cases within your company.

From AI Challenges to Long-Term Success

During the Acceleration Program, we will work together to solve your challenges and establish an AI flywheel. This will allow you to independently embark on a long-term AI journey. Our comprehensive service offers end-to-end support for driving AI use cases, from idea stage to deployment and integration. We provide expertise in strategy development, engineering, and MLOps. By utilizing our service, customers can have their entire process managed by us. We have the expertise, knowledge, engineering know-how, and network to deliver added value through AI enablement. Our programs address customer pain points at every stage.

Creating a Competitive Advantage with AI Use Cases

To create your Use Case Portfolio, we systematically identify the potential of possible Use Cases by assessing and prioritizing them on both a business and technical level. To determine the Use Case with the highest potential business value, we conduct an internal evaluation and market analysis, aligning the targets with your AI Ambition. Then, we brainstorm potential AI Use Cases and perform a detailed assessment and prioritization. Finally, we put the selected Use Cases into production.

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Adoption of Artificial Intelligence with the Acceleration Program

What you can expect:

  • Customized Program with Individual Duration & Focus

  • Focus on use cases

  • Access to our in-house tools and expert knowledge as needed

  • We empower our customers with AI know-how and tools

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