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appliedAI AI program: (almost) unique worldwide

Bringing AI into application does not mean developing a prototype or conducting a research project. It means developing the company holistically in AI maturity and systematically moving the company forward.

We can offer this approach individually for your company and as a program supported by the Bavarian Ministry of Digital Affairs for Bavarian SMEs.

Support with the full expertise of appliedAI

With our professional support and tools, your company will be able to implement AI faster and avoid costly mistakes in its implementation.

Both approaches include components such as:

  • Training
  • AI strategy
  • Development of an application portfolio
  • Building the organizational structure
  • Talent acquisition
  • Infrastructure development
  • Partner identification
  • Implementation of the first use cases

All of this is done with a neutral perspective. By working with us, you and your company will gain a comprehensive view of AI and will not be tied to a single provider.

While the Acceleration Program involves appliedAI experts working directly and individually with you, the KI Transfer Plus Program is designed to empower a regional center to support companies on-site. Both companies and regional centers will be supported by appliedAI experts behind the scenes.

Two different AI programs

Choose the AI program that suits your company

Bring AI into practice

Acceleration Program

We help you to identify the AI use cases that generate the highest value.

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Our funding program

KI Transfer Plus Bayern

The Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs has launched KI Transfer Plus to support medium-sized companies in this process.

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