Your all-in-one solution for AI innovation management and AI governance

Effortlessly manage and track your AI projects, demonstrate their value to stakeholders, and prioritize the most impactful use cases. Stay ahead of regulatory demands with easy risk classification according to the EU AI Act and compliance management, ensuring your AI innovations deliver maximum value and meet legal requirements.

Screenshot of the AI use case portfolio in the Management Suite
Screenshot of the AI use case portfolio in the Management Suite

Discover the different features of our Management Suite

Our software is designed to help you maximize the potential of your AI initiatives. The following videos provide an overview of each feature of the Management Suite, showing how they can optimize your AI processes and enhance your business operations.

Data-driven use case planning from idea to use case

Our Feasibility Calculator evaluates critical factors like Data Readiness, Model Deployment, and overall deployment ease on a 1-5 scale. It helps you to identify the use cases with the highest potential. The Value Calculator calculates the potential value of each AI use case (ROI) and provides clear metrics to effectively demonstrate the impact on the business.

Simpler risk classification with regard to the requirements of the EU AI Act

The Risk Classifier feature assesses the risk class of the AI Use Cases in the scoping phase. By assessing the risk classification early on, you can influence the cost structure and overall economic viability of your AI projects. High-risk use cases may be reconsidered or modified to fit a lower risk category, thus reducing compliance costs and legal obligations.

Inspire employee innovation through transparency

Our Management Suite ensures clear visibility and transparency across all your AI projects. Your team members can filter the use cases by task or technology, access detailed information on economic viability, risk classification, and technical feasibility, and connect with the responsible contacts for further collaboration.

Optimized AI compliance

Complying with the EU AI Act and other regulations requires significant time and resources. Our AI Compliance Management feature structures and documents compliance obligations from both regulations and custom policies and provides a comprehensive list of required measures. This system ensures that all compliance rules are met, reducing effort and keeping users audit-ready.

Integration with your existing IT Systems

Integrate our Management Suite with your existing IT infrastructure for seamless data management and analysis through robust APIs. Collect data efficiently from multiple sources, including MLOps platforms, experiment-tracking tools, and data catalogs, to enhance insights and streamline AI project workflows.

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