Tools for AI Professionals

We are happy to introduce our comprehensive set of AI tools, tailored for companies that seek to use AI professionally across teams and at scale in a fast, structured and reliable way. 

What makes appliedAI Tools the right choice?

  • Trust: All the knowledge of Europe’s leading AI Initiative embedded

  • Expertise: Always made with the latest and state-of-the-art AI-technology

  • Enterprise-Ready: Our partners are world’s leading companies, our tools are designed for most professional use of AI

  • Comprehensive: Our tools follow a portfolio approach and cover all relevant aspects of the AI journey. appliedAI is your central partner for AI

  • Secure: We care about latest technologies. Our tools similarly work with state-of-the-art

Use Case Management: manage your use case portfolio efficiently

appliedAI Use Case Management is a robust tool for efficiently managing your expanding AI use case portfolio.

It identifies and prioritizes high-value data and AI cases. It also promotes innovation by encouraging idea-sharing and project initiation across different departments.

Maturity Assessment Tool: evaluate the AI maturity level in your company

The Maturity Assessment is a crucial first step for companies looking to implement Artificial Intelligence.

Developed by the appliedAI Initiative, not only does it help organizations evaluate their current level of AI adoption, but it also uncovers development opportunities.

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