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Anomaly Detection in Manufacturing – Prevent Failures and Boost Efficiency

Discover the benefits of AI-driven anomaly detection to increase operational efficiency.

Creative yet Efficient: Optimize Your Industrial Design Processes with GenAI

GenAI is the AI solution to make industrial design processes more effective and efficient. Discover how.

EU AI Act: 3 Questions for the European Commission’s AI Office

Our Trustworthy AI experts while commenting on recent developments ask the EU AI Office 3 relevant questions.
AI generated image showing a man standing in front of a huge dashboard showing all kinds of performance analytics

Efficiency Redefined with Reinforcement Learning Control: The Path to Operational Excellence

RLC, a solution that help you deal with the complexity of control systems and optimize resources.
AI generated image that shows person on pieces of a puzzle to represent fragmented information

AI-Driven Efficiency: Revolutionize your Information Management with RAG

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), a solution that can improve your organization’s work efficiency and collaboration.

Implementing generative AI in companies

The new Conrad white paper addresses the topic Generative AI and the value for your business

Threat to Innovation? Survey of European Startups on the EU AI Act

In 2023, appliedAI conducted a survey among European start-ups in light of the AI Act planned for 2023, a proposal by the European Union for a law to regulate artificial intelligence. It sheds light on the consequences that the implementation of the AI Act could have for companies and the use of their AI systems.

Successful with Artificial Intelligence - Free Online Course "AI Competence for your SME"

appliedAI has developed a free online course in collaboration with the funding priority "Mid-sized Enterprises-Digital" of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. The goal of this course is to introduce small and medium-sized enterprises to AI.

AI in Customer Service

Read this article to gain further insights and important knowledge about AI in customer service.

The Difference Between an AI Team and an AI Research Lab

For organizations, a big part of successfully building and deploying artificial intelligence at scale is establishing an AI unit. While it is mainly the role of the AI Center of Excellence to drive the execution, professionalization and scaling of AI, some organizations also have an AI Research Lab. Even though an AI CoE and an AI Research Lab are fundamentally different, many fail to distinguish between the two. This runs the risk of making the wrong decisions when it comes to staffing and building a team that can create an AI first culture. In this article we are looking at the main differences between an AI team and an AI Research lab in order to avoid costly mistakes.

Certified error rates for neural networks

Adversarial training has been shown to improve robustness of neural networks to certain classes of data perturbations. Despite constant progress, counterattacks appear immediately after each new method is proposed. This is because of a lack of bounds on the error that an attack can induce. In this TransferLab article we review a series of papers working towards certified error rates for networks using either special certification training objectives or arbitrary ones, including those employed for adversarial training.

Life-saving Data from Satellite Images

Two billion people are cut off from any power grid. They live with makeshift generators or without electricity at all. This is a massive challenge, especially for health care in times of a global pandemic. Improving the situation and providing affordable and sustainable access to energy is critical. Read how Village Data Analytics together with the support of IBM are using satellite images to tackle this challenge.

Data Product Management - The Missing Link To Create Value From AI

A large number of initiated ML projects remain stuck at a PoC level and fail to reach the hurdle of going into production - studies report failure rates between 80% and 90%. What is the reason for this lack of impact in “traditional” enterprises and the high share of failed projects? One major reason that we observe with increasing frequency is the lack of an AI product mindset. In this article with Mindfuel we address the challenges faced in todays teams and explore the need for a dedicated discipline and role to make data-driven products successful. We call this role the data product manager.

New online course "Introduction to AI" on KI-Campus

Within this article of the 'UnternehmerTUM Key Topic Series' you will get insights into the different modules of the course and get to know more about what you can expect when participating in the free online course 'Introduction to AI' in our trailer video!

appliedAI German Startup Pitch Lunch Series

The appliedAI pitch lunches are a series of events that are giving voice to some of the most interesting companies featured on the 2021 German AI Startup Landscape. The objective of these events is to connect the most promising startups in Germany with appliedAI’s partner network to spark discussion and potential collaborations.

Artificial Intelligence in Business and Economy - Free Online Course

Within this article of the 'UnternehmerTUM Key Topic Series' you will get insights into the different modules of the course and get to know more about how you and your company can profit from participating in the free online course 'Foundations of AI'!

German AI-Startup Landscape: 2021

The 278 most promising German AI startups working across enterprise functions, enterprise intelligence, technology type and industries.

AI Climate Startup Landscape

Highlighting European champions of AI for Environment by the European Applied AI Alliance

European AI Startup Landscape

On November 17, 2020 the first version of the European AI Startup Landscape was launched which includes over 500 startups from France, Germany and Sweden. Check it out here.

"AI is Always Just a Tool" - Interview with Dr. Philipp Hartmann, Director of AI Strategy at appliedAI

In the following interview, which is part of the UnternehmerTUM Key Topic Series, Philipp Hartmann, Director of AI Strategy at appliedAI, reveals how companies can identify realistic use cases, what mistakes companies make during implementation and how an effective implementation of AI can succeed.

How Corona Crisis is Affecting Artificial Intelligence in Europe - 5 Questions to Dr. Philipp Gerbert

Dr. Philipp Gerbert, Future Shaper at UnternehmerTUM and Director at appliedAI sat down to discuss how the Corona crisis is affecting Artificial Intelligence in Europe. Watch the interview here.

How Corona is changing AI

Corona is a black-swan event for AI and will put it to the test. We discuss some of the implications this development has for the future of the field.

German AI-Startup Landscape: 2020

The 247 most promising German AI startups working across enterprise functions, enterprise intelligence, AI tech stack and industries.

Artificial Intelligence in mobility

An overview of how artificial intelligence will shape the future of mobility.

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AI Strategy in 5 Minutes

A continuous series about AI strategy in small, digestible chunks. We cover a different topic every time we update this article.

German AI-Startup Landscape: 2019

The 214 most promising German AI startups working across enterprise functions, enterprise intelligence, AI tech stack and industries.

AI-Ethics landscape 2019

A comprehensive overview of the current landscape of guidelines, frameworks, and principles for the ethical use of artificial intelligence technology.

German AI-Startups Landscape: Autonomous Driving

An overview of AI startups that focus on mobility. A project in cooperation with UVC Partners and the Digital Hub Mobility.

German AI Thought Leaders

How corporates and startups are setting the tone for the future and applying AI technology in an exemplary manner.

German AI-Startup Landscape: 2018

The 132 most promising German AI startups working across enterprise functions, enterprise intelligence, AI tech stack and industries.