Culture, Change, Communication

“The single most critical driver of value from AI is not algorithms, nor technology — it is the human in the equation.” Shervin Khodabandeh, BCG

For AI to be successful, close collaboration between AI and people is essential. Even the most advanced AI solutions are ineffective if they are not adopted by users or accepted within the company. Companies that understand this have a much better chance of successfully deploying AI technology.

We are pleased to share with you our report, Applying AI: Culture, Change, Communication. This report aims to draw attention to this often neglected soft side of successfully applying AI.

It highlights what is special about AI - after all, change is not a new concept - and offers concrete measures on how to address the issues of culture, communication and change in the context of an AI transformation.

In doing so, we draw on our experience from successful approaches to promoting AI applications in larger companies. To make the topic even more accessible, you will find concrete examples from our partners EnBW and Siemens on how they approach the topic in their organization.

Authors of the white paper:

  • Bernd "Benno“ Blumoser, Head beim Siemens AI Lab
  • Rainer Hoffmann, Senior Manager Data & AI bei EnBW