Building the organization for scaling AI

"A century ago, factories were electrified without rethinking production lines and recognizing productivity benefits. Similarly, machine learning technology will be ineffective without management and organizational changes." Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of the MIT Center for Digital Business.

Executives understand the importance and potential of AI. However, many face the challenge of effectively implementing AI initiatives in their own organizations. Various departments and regions are handling their own AI projects. This can initially be positive, as broad organizational involvement is a critical aspect of AI transformation.

However, many - mostly large - companies report reaching a point where it has become difficult to coordinate various initiatives and pilot projects, establish standards and processes, and avoid duplication of effort.

However, the correct organizational structure is crucial for the successful implementation of AI. The right organizational anchoring is the key to scaling AI applications from Proof of Concept (PoC) to actual productive solutions.

In this report, we address best practices for building the organization to scale AI. It covers the elements necessary for a comprehensive AI strategy, a design for a prototypical organizational structure, and important insights from successful AI transformations.

It is based on the experience of leading AI experts, including those from Allianz, Audi AG, BMW Group and Munich Re.

Authors of the Whitepaper

  • Philipp Gerbert, Future Shaper at UnternehmerTUM and Director at appliedAI Initiative
  • Philipp Hartmann, Director of AI Strategy at appliedAI Initiative
  • Andreas Liebl, Managing Director at UnternehmerTUM and appliedAI Initiative
  • Maria Schamberger, Senior AI Strategist at appliedAI Initiative
  • Alexander Waldmann, Former collegue at appliedAI Initiative