appliedAI German Startup Pitch Lunch Series

appliedAI German Startup Pitch Lunch Series


Highlighting the most promising German AI startups

appliedAI German Startup Pitch Lunch Series

The appliedAI pitch lunches are a series of events that are giving voice to some of the most interesting companies featured on appliedAI’s German AI Startup Landscape. The objective of these events is to connect the most promising startups with appliedAI’s partner network to spark discussion and potential collaborations. Every startup is given 8-12 minutes to present their companies and to answer questions of the audience. Below you can find the recordings from each of the pitch lunches which have been held so far.

Pitch Lunch 1

Customer Service and Support


E-bot7 a startup that integrates artificial intelligence to increase the efficiency of customer service. Through its pre-trained machine learning algorithms, the system can automate answers and processes and suggest the best answers to agents. This reduces average handling times, increases sales and saves up to 80% of costs.


I2x is a startup that transforms conversations by augmenting communication. Their AI-powered software is built with a purpose: create a future where humans and AI collaborate for the good of humanity. Within the next few years, integrated AI trainers for employees will drive the organization’s success. i2x has built one of the very first ones! They tailor the solution to individual customer's needs, leading to improved conversations with customers during every call.

Pitch Lunch 2

AI Tech Stack - Applications

Hasty is a startup that provides a range of tools that train and update up to 8 models while you label. This means you automate over 90% of the manual work needed to build custom, advanced applications. They have enabled a new iterative approach that empowers ML engineers to validate or adjust their approach while they build. The great part is that users can interact with the models powering the automation and deploy those models directly from Hasty to implement their data-flywheel.


Apheris is a deep tech company that fundamentally changes how organizations collaborate securely and extract value from data. The platform enables secure data analyses across distributed data of multiple parties while keeping proprietary information private. With Apheris, organizations can build new data solutions and unlock entirely new insights from distributed data of multiple parties without compromising on security and ownership.


KIProtect is a startup that provides software solutions for privacy & security engineering. KIProtect helps organizations to process sensitive and personal data in a secure, privacy-friendly & GDPR-compliant way by automating technical and organizational data protection measures. This speeds up data science, machine learning & analytics projects, reduces risks and enables a collaborative approach to data security & privacy.

Pitch Lunch 3

Computer Linguistics


Deepset bridges the gap between NLP research and the industry. With their open-source software, they enable developers to use the latest language models & transfer learning techniques for their individual tasks. Deepset's additional enterprise versions & services help enterprises to build, run and maintain production-ready NLP applications.


Konfuzio is the swiss army knife to cut through complex text data in documents within seconds and fully automatically. Konfuzio is a containerized B2B AI software to extract information from unstructured texts.


IPlytics GmbH is a Berlin based company founded by a team of economists, computer scientists and engineers developing the big data solution IPlytics Platform. IPlytics Platform is a sophisticated market intelligence tool to search and analyze technology and market landscapes. The SaaS-based market intelligence tool empowers its users to analyze technology landscapes, market developments and a company’s competitive position for any industry. The Platform integrates multiple data sources and intelligent search algorithms to provide a mapping of e.g. patents to technology standards, products or M&A deals.


Curiosity believe everyone deserves to focus on what they're good at. They should not constantly be held back by a lack of information. Working in large organisations can be daunting. Curiosity has seen first-hand how much time and frustration is wasted on simple search tasks that we take for granted elsewhere. With Curiosity, every team can find what they need and get back to focus on what really matters.

Pitch Lunch 4

Purchasing and Procurement


Luminovo is a data-driven and collaborative EMS RfQ software that gives you a breakthrough competitive advantage. Currently they offer LumiQuote, the next generation EMS RfQ software and are ultimately building the Electronics Operating System. With their skillset in intelligent software and deep learning, they aim to simplify and accelerate electronics development and production processes.

Pitch Lunch 5



FactoryPal is a cloud-based solution built with artificial intelligence (AI) and IIoT at its core. With cutting-edge technology at its foundation, this plug and play solution is a fast track to upgrade manufacturing facilities and to bring them into the Industry 4.0 space by enabling them to compete in the new space of connectivity and smart data utilisation.


Deevio automates visual inspections in production. Visual quality control is often still done manually which is inefficient and prone to errors. We combine the latest deep learning models and machine vision expertise to solve this issue.


AiSight’s software uses machine learning models to determine the state of a machine in real time, identifying anomalies and determining the cause of errors based on data from the company’s easy-to-use sensor node.

Pitch Lunch 6

AI tech stack - Platforms provides an AI-based document processing solution provider. It enables businesses to automate document processing with document classification, capturing, and validation. It assists to train machines with deep-learning and natural language processing. is a full-stack computer vision and machine learning software used for quality audit, process control and predictive maintenance in Industry 4.0 applications. Solutions include automating & digitizing visual inspections, creating full traceability of defects, optimizing quality audit process, predicting process drift issues, real-time structural monitoring, and enabling feedback-loop into MES systems. Serves industries including automotive, electronics, and aerospace. Also helps rental businesses through object recognition and damage detection solutions.