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Maturity Assessment Tool

Assess your AI maturity level and receive a comprehensive evaluation of how you can advance AI in your organization.

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Digital transformation - maturity assessment for the current state of AI adoption

Assessment of AI maturity level in your company

The tried-and-tested Maturity Assessment is the first important step to bringing Artificial Intelligence into application within companies.

To support organizations on their transformative AI journey as well as in the effective planning and implementation of strategic AI activities, the appliedAI Initiative has developed a comprehensive Maturity Assessment - an interactive tool that allows you to evaluate your level of AI adoption and derive development potential.

The tool is already being successfully used by numerous organizations in various European countries.

The development was supported by BDI and BITKOM.

The AI maturity assessment explained in two minutes in a compact way

Process of maturity level assessment

Step 1: Preparation phase

Duration: ~ 1 week

  • Defining the goal of participation
  • Defining the target audience 
  • Consult with the works council on data protection, if needed
  • Selecting participants and setting up the survey (online)

The following parties are actively involved in this phase: Carried out by the evaluated company - supported by appliedAI

Step 2: Implementation phase

Duration: ~ 2 weeks

  • Define a specific time frame for participants to fill out the survey.
  • Distributing the online survey to selected participants
  • Participants filling out the survey (duration approximately 30 minutes)

The following parties are actively involved in this phase: Conducted by the evaluated company - supported by appliedAI

Step 3: Analysis phase

Duration: ~ 1 week

  • Aggregating obtained results
  • Structured analysis along the core dimensions 
  • Visualize the result

The following parties are actively involved in this phase: Conducted by appliedAI

Step 4: Interpretation phase

The duration: ~2-3 weeks

  • Display of metrics
  • Evaluation of results
  • Discussion of improvement needs
  • Derivation of possible actions

The following parties are actively involved in this phase: the company and appliedAI.

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Benefit from our practical experience

Main benefits of AI maturity assessments

Understanding the Status Quo

The status quo provides a precise indication of the current state of AI in the company, including strategy, resources, and implementation. It also provides insights into divergent views within the company and a benchmark.

Deriving Development Potentials

Completing the assessment helps identify essential areas for action and find a structured approach for activities that are necessary to improve the state of AI in the company.

Tracking Progress

Continuously evaluating the AI maturity level (e.g., annually) enables monitoring successful activities and areas that require further improvement.

Further information

The AI journey and the maturity assessment

The application of AI on a large scale is a complex undertaking that requires long-term planning and commitment and can only be achieved through a transformative process.

The appliedAI initiative has identified different stages that companies go through from their initial experiments with this new technology to the enterprise-wide application of AI on a large scale or even shaping the entire market and AI ecosystem. We call this the AI journey.

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