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As a partner of appliedAI we support you on your journey to AI maturity by providing

Exchange and creation of knowledge within the community

appliedAI has been established with the spirit of collaboration and joint knowledge creation. Therefore, this segment is most important for us. With our activities we want to enable our partners to move ahead, to learn from each other, and to benefit from and contribute to the community.

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  • Elements of an AI strategy
  • AI for Boards
  • Identifying AI Use Cases
  • Building an Org for scaling AI
  • Response to the EU Whitepaper

Quarterly Meetups

On site (before corona) with more than 150 AI experts on average. Currently, bi-monthly virtual meetups with 50+ experts from partners

Global reach

Close interaction with and direct connect to OECD, GPAI, European Commission, international AI initiatives and German ministries

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The online partner platform offers a variety of options for interaction with the community

  • appliedAIs internal community page: A private section exclusive for our partners. You can exchange news and resources and share insights about what is happening within the community.

  • Your appliedAI community with all partners: The part of the platform where you can interact with the other partners either directly or with everyone.

  • Your access to AI startups: Selected Startups from our AI startup landscape can be approached directly through the platform. Simply post requests for your use cases.

  • Your access to technology providers and global experts

  • Your event, news and resource center with all content and activities of appliedAI

Services included for our partners

Through Roundtables we tackle very specific challenges with a group of peers from organizations with similar questions. Past roundtables included topics such as “Talent for AI”, “AI operating model” or “GDPR”.

appliedAI is a community and partners are willing to help each other. Thus, peer discussions are common.

There are multiple events in the appliedAI community either from appliedAI itself or from our partners. Some are exclusive, some are open to everyone. Simply register through our partner area, benefit from discounts for external events or add your own ones to the calendar. Included in all packages.

Once the Covid situation allows again, we are ready to restart our visits of other country's AI initiatives. Previous visits included Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Waterloo), Singapore, China (Beijing). Each trip offered unique insights into their activities and ecosystems while creating trusted relationships among the participants.

Working Groups tackle hard challenges within the community and help us advance significantly. In multi-months efforts with interested partners we develop unique content and knowledge that does not exist yet but helps us in advancing in AI maturity.

Current and past working groups include:

  1. Make or Buy Decisions for AI Projects

  2. From PoC to AI at Scale: Platforms, Pipelines, Processes and Agility

  3. Value Assessment of AI Use Cases

appliedAI regularly creates case studies and articles with partners together. When joining appliedAI, you benefit from the communication activities of the initiative. Moreover, an appliedAI partnership increases your attractiveness for AI talents as they can become part of the community.

The appliedAI partner platform is your entry to a network of like minded peers, all events and activities, and all appliedAI resources like templates, databases, trainings, and much more. Available in all packages.

Individual Services from the ecosystem

Our tech partners are the leading AI companies in the world. Through sparring sessions you gain insights into what is happening in other parts of the world.


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If you are thinking about becoming a partner but are not sure, let's start small with a Journey Workshop, Executive Training, or a small project. Let us convince you from the quality and value that appliedAI provides.

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