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Do AI at scale and shape the agenda: Making AI an essential element of a company's DNA

Steps of the AI Maturity journey

The Experimenter

The Practitioner

The Professional

The Shaper

The shaping

Becoming a thought leader for artificial intelligence

AI implies a different way of thinking about markets and technologies. You realize and experience that you can disrupt your industry with AI powered operations, products and business models. At the very forefront of AI there is no-one to follow anymore, but only the ones who set the tone. Suddenly shaping the ecosystem and technology itself is what advances a company - and research becomes a critical part of the agenda. The speed of the market catching up is what stimulates the business and drives its decisions.

What it means

Being a shaper

When AI is a natural part of the conversation both on management and employee level, the organizational DNA is in the process of being transformed. Scaling AI faster and more effectively than other players implies being at the forefront at some point in time. Truly scaling AI, both internally and externally requires a different approach to the adoption of this powerful technology. Stimulating the ecosystem and driving AI not just horizontally but vertically becomes fundamental. From the data-strategy, that is viewed as an active step of the development to the longer-term acquisition decisions and open-source activities, scalers face a whole different set of challenges. Research and attracting talent as well as ideas where the path to monetization is excruciatingly long is not an option but a logical consequence.

How appliedAI can help

Services for shapers


Custom new content creation

Leaders face new problems that others have not seen yet. We help you in identifying and developing new and original content for your learning agenda that is relevant to you and your company. At appliedAI we are used to observing deviations in processes, culture, and technology and quickly sharing best-practices about it.


AI-Research agenda support

Maturing companies invest in researching core-topics in AI that are relevant to their value proposition. We help you build that agenda and can support you in executing on those research projects. From literature reviews to long-term applied research projects in the domain of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Reach out to us to learn about our applied research focus (e.g. real-world reinforcement learning).


Ethics & Regulation consulting

The ethical use of AI technology has a direct impact on the perception of your organization and the acceptance of AI-driven systems within it. This is not an individual challenge. Even large technology companies had major scandals based on biased systems. In many applications of AI, we need to be careful that its application and implementation are ethically correct to avoid negative outcomes. The regulatory body around AI is still being forged and it can be hard to navigate around these decisions. We help you make the right decisions, case by case.

AI Academy - Target Role

Custom services

Being at the forefront of AI application means having no one to follow. We know that applying AI is hard because there is no common wisdom yet on how to do it - even if some tell you it isn't hard. This is why we set up appliedAI as an initiative and many companies joined appliedAI already. In addition, this is why we and our whole ecosystem support you individually with what you need. From developing new guidelines for your data strategy to creating AI development tools. Approach us with what you need.