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Drive AI across the organization: Systematically extending and optimizing AI capabilities and their impact.

Steps of the AI Maturity journey

The Experimenter

The Practitioner

The Professional

The Shaper

The embedding

Optimize the AI agenda across your organization

When AI starts to have a direct influence on the revenue, employees and the customer base, suddenly "scaling AI", "ethics", "safety" and "reproducibility" are not cloudy terms. They become a key factor for the organizational effectiveness and efficiency across the board. Having answers to such challenges is not a differentiator, but a must.

What it means

Being a professional

Once the first activities and systems are operationalized, raising effectiveness and efficiency of all AI related operations across the whole organization becomes the central goal of the AI Professional. While keeping a principled view on its strategy the focus starts to shift. Vision and strategy are underlined by longer-term resources, cooperation and allocation decisions. Opportunity discovery and innovation activities are adjusted to incorporate AI across the organization. Governance structures are enriched with liability and protection strategies and the internal talent and culture development is rolled out at scale. Central processes to maintain, monitor and operate AI solutions that drive the business are established over time. In their field of business, professionals start to set the standard for AI. Step by step, AI is driven through the whole organization.

How appliedAI can help

Services for professionals


AI Culture transformation programs

To adopt AI across the company the culture typically needs to adapt as well. Changing the culture of a company is elusive and a long-term endeavor, there are no shortcuts. We help you spec out the steps to change your company culture to an "AI-first" culture with the right framework, events, exchange formats, roles and much more.


AI-Infrastructure, Pipeline and Lab design

The systems, platforms, and tools we are using to develop AI-Technology, services, and products are maturing slowly. There is no silver bullet that solves these very technical decisions. We help you make sense of them and take a mid-term decision towards your AI-Infrastructure, be it in the “Cloud” or “On-Prem”, your “AI-Pipelines” and “Service-Architecture” and your “AI-Lab” setup.

Read the technical insight article "Machine Learning Platform Evaluation with Wacker and Infineon" to get more insights into this engineering service and the machine learning pipeline evaluation process conducted in that project!


AI-Research agenda support

Maturing companies invest in researching core-topics in AI that are relevant to their value proposition. We help you build that agenda and can support you in executing on those research projects. From literature reviews to long-term applied research projects in the domain of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Reach out to us to learn about our applied research focus (e.g. real-world reinforcement learning).


Investment and acquisition strategy

Taking the decision when to "buy" an AI tool or service or even a whole start-up, and when to "make" it yourself is a complex one. With the support of our parent-company "UnternehmerTUM" (Europes largest entrepreneurship center), we help you make the right decisions when it comes to making software, investing in technology or acquiring an AI-startup.

AI Academy - Target Role

Custom services

Being at the forefront of AI application means having no one to follow. We know that applying AI is hard because there is no common wisdom yet on how to do it - even if some tell you it isn't hard. This is why we set up appliedAI as an initiative and many companies joined appliedAI already. In addition, this is why we and our whole ecosystem support you individually with what you need. From developing new guidelines for your data strategy to creating AI development tools. Approach us with what you need.