Position Paper:

August 27, 2020

A joint response to the 2020 European Commission’s White Paper on AI from appliedAI and its partners.

Position Paper:

Response to the 2020 European Commission’s White Paper on AI

In February of 2020, the European Commission Published the "White Paper On Artificial Intelligence - A European approach to excellence and trust". appliedAI and our partners have come together to publish a Position Paper outlining our response to the White Paper. Spearheaded by Dr. Andreas Liebl, Managing Director at UnternehmerTUM and appliedAI, this Position Paper is a joint collaboration between appliedAI and many individuals from our partner organizations. Co-Authors include experts from Dell, Intel, Allianz, BMW Group, EnBW, Infineon, MunichRE and Telekom.


The European Commission’s White Paper on AI, correctly emphasizes the need for Europe to become a global leader in AI. However, while the Commission pushes for a value-based and principle-driven approach, Europe has yet to fully earn its ‘right to play’ in the world arena. In order to have a real say in the global development of AI, Europe must have a significant impact on both AI development and application. Otherwise, European companies risk losing competitive power even as they uphold theoretical principles. The Commission’s White Paper points out two ecosystems that must be developed in order for Europe to become a global AI leader, namely, an ecosystem of excellence and an ecosystem of trust. The appliedAI Initiative and its partners welcome the Commission’s ambition in this regard and the consolidated approach that emphasizes the importance of a single digital market, as well as the willingness to invest significantly in AI. Nonetheless, we encourage the Commission to follow an opportunity driven or balanced perspective in the ecosystem of trust. Above all, the fast development of AI (as pointed out in the first sentence of the white paper) needs to be further reflected in all measures. In the position paper, we present several proposals as well as additional measures to fulfill the paper's goal.


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