Find out the risk of you AI case and its implications

Our Risk Classifier helps you assess the risk of your company's AI use cases and points to potential implications if the use case would fall under specific risk classes of the upcoming EU AI Act.

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Identify the risk of your AI use cases

Confused by the amount of information about the potential risk of your AI Use Case like articles, definitions, and recitals in risk-based regulations like the upcoming EU AI Act?

Even if you are new to risk assessment, with the help of our Risk Classifier, you are well equipped to quickly understand what the risks of your use cases are - for one AI System or an entire use case portfolio.

Ensure good governance to ease compliance with future regulation like the EU AI Act

Based on your risk assessment and role of your organization, the Risk Classifier presents a simplified summary of how risky the use case is. It will help you to understand if a legal assessment of the use case makes sense or not.

The tool also refers to potential obligations of the regulation with relevant articles, and supporting information, accelerating your journey to compliance. Download our auto-generated summary report, including the risk assessment and the AI System description for internal documentation or approval.

Design of the tool for good governance

The Risk Classifier is adjustable to your specific compliance or governance processes. At the same time, it allows for full traceability of input, changes or approvals to satisfy certain documentation and record keeping requirements of your company which has to ensure compliance with the AI Act.

Manage your portfolio of AI use cases

Track and manage the risk assessments of your AI system portfolio across enterprise functions and business units, supporting your company’s efforts to comply with the EU AI Act.

Gain situational awareness of your regulatory obligations, e.g. in the case of changes, and manage your internal responsible AI roles and responsibilities accordingly.

Designed for collaboration

Determine your risk by leveraging the diverse views of your team through the collaboration features of our Risk Classifier. Invite AI experts, domain specialists, or the compliance team for a more holistic and thus robust risk assessment.

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Legal Disclaimer

appliedAI Initiative GmbH provides the Risk Classifier to support companies in identifying their AI system's risk classification. The information is intended, but not guaranteed, to be correct and up-to-date. The offering is intended to be a guide but it is not presented as a source of legal advice. You should not rely, for legal advice, on statements and suggestions made within the Risk Classifier. If you need legal advice upon which you intend to rely in the course of legal affairs, consult a lawyer.