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As a Partner of appliedAI we support you as an advisor for your company's AI journey

What is the Journey

TO LIFT THE VALUE that AI promises, your company goes through a journey to AI maturity. We have been working on this with our partners from the very beginning. No matter what problem you are trying to solve with AI or where you are in the journey of adopting AI - the initiative can help you.

REACHING HIGH AI MATURITY levels is complex but necessary if you want to apply AI at scale! However, few have succeeded: Less than 5% of German companies say that they apply AI [PWC, 2019]. appliedAI is your trusted long-term partner for creating value with AI.

THE AI JOURNEY reflects how we think about AI adoption. Based on the expertise of numerous large German and international corporations and organizations, we have collected more than 120 challenges that companies typically face along their journey towards AI maturity and that we jointly work on as the appliedAI Initiative.

THE GOAL of making the journey available is to help you guide your way towards AI maturity. We use it as a proven framework to guide the development and implementation of your own AI strategy.

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AI Journey 2021

The levels along the AI Journey

The Experimenter

The Practitioner

The Professional

The Shaper

appliedAI guides you along the Journey

We are your sparring partner for your own AI journey. Ultimately, what counts is value creation and your competitive advantage. But you need to reach higher levels of maturity to realize this value creation. Our job is to get you there. We consider our support only as successful if you advance in AI maturity. To facilitate this, we developed several services and tools. These are the perfect starting point for our interaction and help to jointly define how you can best profit from an appliedAI partnership or other means of collaboration.

How we support you

The appliedAI Maturity Assessment is used to assess the status quo of AI adoption in your organization we can work against. It is applied in 9 European countries as a standard tool for assessing and benchmarking AI maturity.

The AI strategy house serves as a framework for content creation and structure for the AI journey. More details can be found in our whitepaper 'Elements of a comprehensive AI strategy'.

The AI Journey Map gives an overview about the challenges a company typically faces along their AI journey. Different workshop formats build upon a maturity assessment and AI Journey as a toolset to create a working plan for each company to structure their way forward. More information about our AI courses and trainings can be found on our AI trainings page.

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Services Included for our partners

The appliedAI maturity assessment has established itself as the best tool for measuring your level on AI in Europe. Since its development it is now being used in more than nine European countries. The Assessment in combination with our proven methodology for journey workshops serves as a basis for identifying your current level but also to create a roadmap of how to advance. It creates a quantitative basis for the status quo and your success on your journey.

There are always questions and challenges that are best discussed with a trusted advisor. appliedAI experts are available for you. More complex requests can be handled individually. Available in all packages to an increasing degree.

Individual Services from appliedAI

A proven structure to act quickly and autonomously is the AI-Center of Excellence that most companies adopt relatively early. However, it requires the right surrounding and factors to attract the talents, right enablers, roles, and people. appliedAI can bootstrap your AI-Center of Excellence (AI-CoE) and run it for you long-term with experienced AI engineers and strategists.

Defining your AI-Strategy means not only asking the right questions but knowing what to do to achieve each goal exactly. Executing on an AI-Strategy can be fiendishly hard so we are your partner in making it work. Our approach to AI-Strategy implementation and organizational development is based on our view on "building the organization for scaling AI".

There are plenty of opportunities that can be taken with AI-Technology. We help you to identify these opportunities, to specify them and to prioritize them. This includes asking AI-specific questions, understanding the data behind it and building an implementation roadmap. If you want to move quickly then our engineering team can implement the solution for you. However, once AI solutions are built, they need to be maintained and improved. appliedAI helps you to benchmark your team's solutions and stay state-of-the-art.

Taking the decision when to "buy" an AI tool or service or even a whole start-up, and when to "make" it yourself is a complex one. With the support of our parent-company "UnternehmerTUM" (Europe's largest entrepreneurship center), we help you make the right decisions when it comes to making software, investing in technology or acquiring an AI-startup.

The appliedAI team with its technology and application partners is the best for creating your core AI applications. All technical implementations should start with a "proof of concept" that shows the technical feasibility of the use case. However, a PoC must also validate the potential for return on investment as well as scalability, usability and maintainability. We build a PoC in short sprints for you with the goal of enabling the next step: Engineering a complete AI-Solution.

Individual Services from the ecosystem

While appliedAI is a platform that helps all its partners, there are some companies that require substation support for its AI transformation. We can help you identify and select the best partners. Our ecosystem consists of selected application partners of highest quality. Having been in consulting for 40yrs+, we know the industry.

appliedAI is your team for the hardest and most competitive AI solutions. However, in many cases, companies start with digitalization projects or large IT transformations before moving to AI. For these tasks, our tech and application partners can complement the services of appliedAI to support you comprehensively


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If you are thinking about becoming a partner but are not sure, let's start small with a Journey Workshop, Executive Training, or a small project. Let us convince you from the quality and value that appliedAI provides.

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