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appliedAI disrupts industries by building most sophisticated and trusted industrial AI solutions. Learn how you can work with us to create new and innovative AI products and business solutions.

We shape Europe’s innovative power in AI as an innovator

Creating disruptive AI-based innovations together with you

AI will reshape entire industries and as a nation of market leaders we must aim for driving innovation in AI to strengthen this position even more in the future. When working on innovations together, we create an AI-first company or unit with you, whether you are a partner of appliedAI or not. Our innovation offering goes beyond what is known and works together with you to create something entirely new.

UTUM Ecosystem 2021
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appliedAI leverages its assets to create unique solutions

Latest technology through appliedAI experts + research partners

Shorter time for development through appliedAI Lab

Faster adoption through appliedAI ecosystem and partners

Innovation / company building experience through UnternehmerTUMs business innovation and venture capital experts

Made for scale as trustworthy AI start-up through appliedAI industrialization framework

appliedAI focuses on trustworthy industrial AI solutions in selected areas of expertise

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  • Satellite image analysis for electrification of developing countries
  • RGB-D systems for object detection in security relevant areas
  • Metal detection in liquids
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  • AI based screening for lead identification and optimization for drug discovery
  • Optimization of highly complex and interdependent processes (construction) with Monte Carlo tree search and graph network analysis
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  • Accelerating product testing by recommendation of a reduced amount of tests
  • Virtualization and prediction of behavior of chemical compounds
Innovator 1


  • RL controller for autonomous plant control in the process industry2
  • Optimization strategy with virtual sensors for control settings
  • (Partial) autonomous systems in highly complex environments

Trustworthy AI is promoted as the USP of European AI by the European Commission. appliedAI is leading in putting trustworthiness at the core of the AI development processes

Working with 20+ partners of appliedAI on professionalization frameworks for scaling AI in large organizations

Scaling of stable model-based RL methods with Linde to apply learning systems reliably in continuous processes

Supporting the European Central Bank in applying AI solutions

Development of robust Computer Vision based solution with TFE Energy GmbH (VIDA project)

Sparring partner with German ministries on Interpretability of AI

Collaboration in OECD, GPAI, IEEE, ETAMI and other initiatives around trustworthy AI.

Innovation in Action

The Linde AIPlantControl system

Innovation in Action

Village Data Analytics with TFE Energy

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